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September 11, 2017

X3 FAQ: How to Set Up for the Chest Press

People have asked for instructions on the easiest way to get into the Chest Press exercise position with X3.

Full Transcript #

So the questions I’ve been asked, “How do I get this thing around me for the chest press?”

So, there’s an easy way to do it, there’s a lot of hard ways to do it. Usually when I set up for the exercise videos, I’m already in position.

How to position the band for X3 chest press #

You want the band wrapped around your back … they don’t need to be exactly lined up on your back. If it’s like that, that’s okay. But you don’t want it like really far apart on your back.

So, get it over on one shoulder like this, then over your head. So, you’re kinda wearing it crosswise, like this.

Next, you move it down over your shoulder. So, you see right between the deltoid and the tricep then I move my arm underneath and then slide the thing around.

So, now I’m in position to do the chest press. You can see, perfect.

Now, also as you do the movement, don’t raise the elbows because you’ll end up pushing the band over your shoulder.

Keep it in the position where, about like that, about 45 degrees from the body which would be a normal chest press, bench-press side position, and then you push away from yourself accordingly.

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