May 20, 2023

X3 FAQ: Variable Resistance Training: What’s the Science Behind X3 Bar?

The following research on elite athletes and regular people shows that variable resistance training (VRT) is superior to weight training.

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The science behind X3: there are actually 16 studies. Those are all in the book. There are new studies on variable resistance all the time. And I think it’s really important that we point to studies that we didn’t do. These were all third parties, people, some of the researchers I’ve met at conferences, and most of them I haven’t.

So all of these 16 studies came to the same conclusion. Now, some of them use different combinations or different weight apparatus, plus banding. It doesn’t really matter if you’re holding X weight here, and 1.5X weight here, that is better than holding one static weight.

Now we have X here and just about 5X here. So that’s a more aggressive level of book And you’ll read in some of those studies that the degree of variance as it becomes higher, the growth rate becomes higher. And that’s why that decision was made.

There are 16 studies in the book and about six on the website because we wanted to keep it very readable.

I also want to talk about one study that found that variable resistance doesn’t work and went against the 16 other studies. Let me explain that one. This had a weight training group as the control, and then it had a variable resistance group that was training with just bands. So no bar, no nothing just bands. And after we were puzzled by this study, because how could a study on variable resistance go against the 16 other studies?

So it turns out they used a TheraBand and that’s a rehab-type product. And we found a specific model of TheraBand in the method section of this study. And it showed that the highest possible resistance they could have gotten to at peak force was 14.1 pounds.

So this was a study that was written, so the variable resistance failed.

It was very misleading, but the rest of them have very powerful results. And as I mentioned, the more aggressive level of the variance, the more aggressive level of growth, and that is why X3 is the highest degree of variance that anyone’s ever really used.

There are hardly any variable resistance products even out there. And the ones that are out there will have something like X here, and 1.2X here, and, you know, kind of meaningless.

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