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X3 Exercise Form

How is the X3 bicep curl different than a typical bicep curl?

We do drag curls, which entails both shoulders going back and forearms coming up. This causes a more intense bicep contraction at the top of the movement which contributes to more exhaustion, especially with the variance in resistance provided with X3. The more intense the exhaustion, the more muscle growth.

How do I hold the bar during X3 squats?

The placement of the bar during your X3 front squats and X3 split squats is easy with the right form.

What do I do when I run out of breath during squats before my muscles are exhausted?

Thighs are large muscles that require a lot of blood flow during squats. What can happen is your cardiovascular system is getting exhausted before your muscles.

If you are having trouble finishing the exercise before your muscles are exhausted, we recommend trying the split squat, as it allows you to focus on one leg at a time. It is also amazing for core activation.

You may also want to move down in resistance to a lighter band.

Also, be sure to practice proper breath control. This will allow you to get more repetitions and go to a deeper level of fatigue.

How do I get into position for the X3 chest press to prevent the bands from slipping?

It may be a bit tight to get the band around your shoulders for the chest press and tricep press, but as with all things, the more you do it the easier it will get.

The first step is connecting the bands to the X3 bar in the “doubled-over” format used for the chest press, deadlift, bent row, etc. Next, grab the band in the middle, so the bar is hanging parallel to the ground. Then, put your head and one shoulder through the opening between the band and the bar.

Now the bar should be at a 45 degree angle in front of you and one of your shoulders is now between the band and the bar. For that shoulder, situate the band so it wraps around your arm between the deltoid and tricep.

When it is securely in place, drop the band down on the other side of your body to get the band position on the other shoulder/tricep to match. You are now ready to do the X3 chest press with the band in the correct position, and by keeping constant tension, the band will not move during this exercise.

Check out the method Dr. Jaquish uses to get the bands around himself for these exercises:

What do I do about bands slipping during the chest press and tricep press?

First, make sure you’re getting into the right position for the X3 chest press and tricep press. (see above) In order to get the full benefit of the X3 workouts, constant tension must be kept throughout the movement. This will help you reach full fatigue, as well as keep the bands in place. Also keep your shoulders back.

It is easy to let your shoulder move forward and round a bit, which makes it easier for the band to slip up. This will help you focus the workout on the proper muscles.