Naturally boost growth hormone and maximize your X3 workout with the GHAccelerator

  • Improves muscle strength, circulation, coordination and, balance
  • Maximizes Growth Hormone Levels
  • Encourages your body to produce more serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being
  • Encourages your body to produce less cortisol, the hormone responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety

Maximize Your X3 Workout Gains

Boost Growth Hormone Naturally, Increase Your Strength, and Build More Muscle With Optimized Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration Machine

Maximize Muscle Gains With Whole Body Vibration

Naturally increase HGH levels with the GHAccelerator, a whole body vibration plate designed to maximize X3 workout results.

According to numerous scientific studies, Whole Body Vibration has been shown to naturally increase growth hormone levels and has also been repeatedly linked to improvements in blood pressure related health metrics. This is because stabilization firing in rapid succession combined with resistance training can increase growth hormone levels and improve circulation.

Vibration signals are transferred into body tissues, tendons and muscles, which increases muscle contractions and ultimately improves muscle strength, coordination and balance.


Who Makes It?

X3 worked with VibePlate, the leader and most trusted name in Whole Body Vibration platforms, to create a special vibration platform that adapts specifically to the X3.

This product is known as the GHAccelerator and made right here in the USA. VibePlate products are used by professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, and the United States Military, as well as numerous medical clinics.

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The GHAccelerator Is the Perfect Companion to the X3

How to Use the GHAccelerator

Step 1

Add X3 band in the trench of the GHAccelerator

Add X3 Band in the Trench of Vibration Platform

Step 2

Put the X3 platform on the GHAccelerator

Put X3 Ground Plate on Top of Platform

Step 3

Activate the GHAccelerator

Step on Ground Plate to Activate Vibration

Step 4

Perform the exercise with the GHAccelerator

Perform the X3 Exercise

Step 5

Turning off the GHAccelerator

Step Off to Turn It Off

How GHAccelerator Compares

GHAcceleratorOther Vibration
Increases Growth Hormone Levels
Maximizes Growth Hormone Levels  cancel sign
Adapts Specifically to X3  cancel sign
Always Set at Proper Calibration (30 Hz)  cancel sign
Made in America  cancel sign
Improves Circulation
Made of Military Grade Steel  cancel sign
Body Motion Technology  cancel sign
Lifetime Warranty  cancel sign

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