Accelerate lean muscle growth with the world's most effective protein

  • Unique and precisely balanced amino acid formula
  • 5X more efficient than standard protein sources
  • Perfect protein for intermittent fasting – only 4 calories
  • Refreshing fruit punch flavor
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5X More Efficient Than
Standard Protein Sources

Research indicates that only one serving (10g) of FORTAGEN provides as much usable protein for muscle building as 50g of ordinary protein from other sources.

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FORTAGEN offers the highest protein nutritional value in the world.

Research has discovered that all living organisms (including humans) have their own very specific amino acid pattern – used to reach maximum protein synthesis. For protein synthesis to occur (for amino acids to be used as building blocks for cell metabolism), all 8 essential amino acids must be available at the same time and in the correct ratio to one another.

The more the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids changes from the optimal pattern, the less the body utilizes the protein.

FORTAGEN provides the optimum amino acid pattern. This powerful formula has a net amino acid utilization of nearly 100%. In other words, nearly all of amino acids are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein.

Each serving is 10g of active ingredients, which research suggests is equivalent to over 50g of protein from an ordinary whey supplement, or over 70g of protein from plant-based protein powders.

About Fortagen

Perfect Amino Acid Profile

Get a unique and precisely balanced amino acid formula created in accordance with the specific human pattern. Nearly 100% of amino acids are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein, resulting in the highest protein nutritional value in the world.

Skyrocket Lean Muscle Growth

By scientifically engineering the optimization of every aspect required for muscle growth, we’ll provide you with a way to finally reach peak level performance. You’ll accelerate lean muscle growth and development in the shortest time possible.

Mixes and Digests easily

The proprietary blend of natural ingredients dissolves effortlessly in a glass of water, no blender bottle required. Once mixed, it digests quickly and easily.

Increase Recovery

Increase protein synthesis naturally to get the body ready for the next workout. You’ll train harder, heavier and longer than ever before while effectively offsetting any muscular and systemic fatigue that can crush your muscle gains.

Only 4 Calories

Most protein powders have over 120 calories in a single serving. Our formula is only 4 calories. As a result, you’ll need a significantly lower caloric intake for maximum benefit. You won’t feel as bloated and the formula is much easier on your stomach.

Quality Guaranteed

We manufacture here in the USA in an FDA registered and inspected lab, adhering to strict quality control standards, undergoing the same manufacturing standards and testing process as traditional medication manufacturing. We guarantee that users are getting nothing but the purest, safest and highest quality supplements on the market. We take our customers’ health and results seriously. We will never sacrifice quality.

Compared with Whey Protein & Plant Based Protein Powders

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Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Plant Based Protein

Protein Usability99%18%<10%
Digestion TimeUnder 30 Mins3-6 Hours3-6 Hours
Works for Fasting & Keto (zero carbs)checkmarkcancel signcancel sign
Sugar-freecheckmarkcheckmarkcancel sign
Metabolic WasteUnder 1%82%90+%
Vegan-friendlycheckmarkcancel signcheckmark
Allergen Free (no soy, nuts, dairy, etc.)checkmarkcancel signcancel sign
Serving Cost$2.07 with subscription$2.00$2.30
Servings to replace 50g of dietary protein1 serving2 servings2 servings
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Powerful Muscle

Faster Fat Burning

More Athleticism

Better Recovery

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Hear From Our Customers

  • Awesome product- tastes great and provides great protein level at a reasonable cost without all the calories.
    Nathan S.
  • It’s a breeze to mix, no clumping or residue, and it tastes pretty good! I see it as a great replacement for traditional protein.
    Trevor G.
  • This is the easiest way I know of to get optimal amounts of essential amino acids. Beats chugging through gallons of whey protein shakes or eating a cow a day
    Valda R.
  • Love how easy this is to take, and now even like the taste. Makes intermittent fasting much easier!
    Johnny H.
  • Best protein supplement that I have ever used... and I can state that having fitness trained for 60 years
    Thomas M.
  • Great product, tastes great and easy to incorporate into my routine
    Jeffrey W.
  • Using Fortaden as recommended an hour before bed. I find exercise recovery to be significant and noticeable muscle and strength gains.
    Rick K.
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