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How to do the X3 Tricep Press

Learn how to perform the resistance band Tricep Press exercise with the X3 Bar. This movement targets and builds the tricep muscles better than weights.

Full Transcript

So the X3 tricep press movement, some in weightlifting would call this a skull crusher. I don’t particularly like that name. It doesn’t sound very positive. But you start with the bar kind of forehead level and then you push out without locking the elbow. So notice only this joint moves. so I’m not moving this joint at all. So this is frozen. I go from here to here. that’s the movement for isolating the triceps. You gotta keep in the pattern of exactly that movement to do this right. In that way you’re only exhausting the triceps and nothing else. Now some people do have some issues that have a latex allergy. I have a latex allergy. So latex rubbing right here can be a little irritating for the skin. As long as I either wear a long sleeve shirt while I do the movement or what I do most of the time because I’m on camera so I’m gonna wear short sleeve shirt or sometimes no shirt at all, just the part that gets really kind of abraded which is right at your arms, I just take a damp paper towel and just wipe it off and just get the latex powder off of my skin. Allergy stops.

The setup is similar for the tricep press as it is with the chest press. We end up holding the bar higher though. So instead of a chest level, you end up holding the bar kind of at eyebrow level. So a little bit higher and then you slightly bend forward maybe to 45 degree angle and begin hinging at the elbow. So the only contracted muscle is the triceps and it stays that way. You don’t move your upper arm. You just hinge at the elbow and press downward. Now notice all the principles with constant tension. So slack never is put into the band and again, Kyle’s only hinging at the elbow. So isolating the tricep. He’s gonna do 15 to 40 slow and controlled repetitions. Two to three seconds up. Two to three seconds down. You will very quickly be getting stronger with this exercise and you’ll notice you’ll add more repetitions probably with every workout, if not every other workout. Kyle’s gonna continue performing the movement until he can’t get through the full range of motion. So he’s gonna do diminishing range here as with all other X3 exercises. So he’s just gonna shorten the range to go as far as he can with every repetition. So as the repetition has become shorter, the weight becomes a little lower that he’s dealing with because he’s fatiguing more and more of the muscle cells until eventually he gets to the last repetition where he can barely move at all.