X3 Performance Bands (BANDS ONLY)

Stimulate more muscle growth with the most powerful and durable resistance bands on the market. X3 Performance Bands are uniquely engineered from ParaForce Rubber™ and manufactured in the United States.

  • More aggressive force curve to stimulate more muscle growth and fat loss
  • Stack or combine multiple training bands without the risk of wear

Jaquish Biomedical works tirelessly to remain at the forefront of fitness innovation. The current X3 Elite System is the culmination of years of development and several iterations of bar and ground plate design. But the initial X3 band set worked so well that significant improvement was hard to come by. Until Now.

X3 Performance Bands: Engineered for Greater Gains

X3 Performance Bands are a new generation of resistance bands for use with the X3 bar and ground plate. They provide a more aggressive force curve to match your biomechanical output potential better. As a result, these bands increase force as you stretch them, allowing you to achieve higher peak forces and, thereby, greater potential to stimulate muscle growth. Enhanced durability also allows for “stacking” or combining multiple bands during one exercise, a practice that is discouraged with standard X3 latex bands.

X3 Performance Bands are made of a proprietary engineered rubber formulation, unlike any other exercise band currently on the market. As a result, X3 Performance Bands offer an entirely unique exercise performance experience. The X3 Performance Band material and production methods were developed through collaboration with materials science Ph.D.s from one of the world’s leading scientific consulting firms and experts from the most experienced rubber manufacturing and compounding companies, as well as years of internal research, development, and testing by Jaquish Biomedical.

Their origin further proves the unique status of these bands: X3 Performance Bands are made right here, in the United States, just like the X3 bar and ground plate. No other high force exercise bands can make that claim, just as they cannot match our optimized force-producing material properties or durability.

*Please note, this listing is for the band set ONLY and does not include the bar, ground plate, or anything other than the bands depicted above. These resistance training bands are only available to existing customers who have already purchased a complete X3 system.

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