Support/ X3 Workout Fundementals


Can I use the X3 to do one arm pulls?
We do not include one arm pull exercises in our routines because they are not as functional as two arm. We have to consider how the central nervous system perceives the movement. If we have something heavy to move, it doesn’t really make sense to only use one hand.
How can I set up the Chest Press with wide shoulders?
It may be a bit tight to get the band around your shoulders for the chest press and tricep press, but as with all things, the more you do it the easier it will get! If you continue to use it, I think you’ll be able to figure out the best way to get the bands on. Check out the method Dr. Jaquish uses to get the bands around himself for these …
How do I clean my X3 system?
There isn’t really maintenance for the X3. If you wish to wipe down the bar and ground plate with disinfectant wipes, feel free. The bands are expected to get some wear and tear, kinda similar to a car tire. Some of the ways to make sure they don’t break down faster than normal is to not use it on extremely rough surfaces like pavement. If you want …
How do I hold the bar during X3 squats?
The placement of the bar during your X3 front squats and X3 split squats is easy with the right form. See this video: { "@context": "", "@type": "VideoObject", "description": "Learn more about X3 at", "name": "X3 FAQ: What is the best way to hold the bar during Front Squats?", "thumbnailUrl": …
How long should I rest between X3 exercises?
We recommend waiting until your breathing and heart rate has returned to normal before starting the next exercise.
How many repetitions should I do per set with the X3?
It’s important to keep in mind that X3 is very different from free weights. The ideal way to use it is to get between 15 and 40 reps of each exercise with a given band. If you are in this range then you are getting the benefits of X3! The point of X3 is that it will be hardest in your strongest range of motion, so as long as you are able to go to …
How many sets do I need to do with the X3?
With the X3 you only need to do one set to exhaustion! One set with X3 brings a more complete level of fatigue than compared with conventional weights. Comparisons should not be made with the number of sets. The reason multiple sets are used with regular weight is that stimulus is only delivered in the weakest range of motion, when the least amount …
My X3 band looks worn, frayed, or torn
If your band is damaged, please send a photo to customer service and we can look at its condition. Sometimes the bands get small cosmetic flaws just from use! This is usually nothing to worry about, and is a sort of normal wear that occurs on this material.
What bands should I use?
The beauty of the variable resistance is that you’re able to take your muscles to full fatigue in all the ranges of motion with a single set. If you make the force so high that you can only do 3 reps, you’re really undermining the benefits of the variable resistance. And doing multiple sets just gives your muscles a chance to rest, which doesn’t …
What do I do about bands slipping during the chest press and tricep press?
In order to get the full benefit of the X3 workouts, constant tension must be kept throughout the movement. This will help you reach full fatigue, as well as keep the bands in place.