July 3, 2023

X3 Fitness Transformations: Ryan

A before and after photo of X3 user Ryan D White

Ryan is a 38-year-old X3 user and recovering weightlifter. He lifted weights for over 5 years and spent up to 6 hours per week in the gym.

In that span, he focused on bodybuilding and traditional strength training.

Ryan’s X3 Experience and Nutrition Protocol

Ryan dedicates just 2-3 hours per week to his X3 workouts. He first noticed significant results 6 months after first using X3.

Ryan follows an average diet protocol and partakes in regular intermittent fasting. In general, he eats what sounds good while limiting certain foods when necessary.


Have you had any significant weightlifting injuries and setbacks?


What results have you experienced since starting with X3?

I started in October 2019, it was maybe September 2020 when I truly started to notice muscle growth. I don’t feel or look ripped, but the definition is still huge. Mostly traps and shoulders.

Have you tried Fortagen? If so, how does it compare to other muscle-building supplements you have taken in the past?

Been using for a good while, it’s significantly different and more effective than other supplements.

What results have you experienced since incorporating Fortagen?

Muscle gain in 12 months of use.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m a bike courier riding 200-300 miles a week, I fully understand how this compromises the effects of x3, but it has still been beneficial.

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