Support/ X3 Specifications


What’s the weight equivalent of X3 resistance bands?
The white X3 resistance band: 10 to 50 lbs, then doubled over 100 lbs The light grey X3 resistance band: 25 to 80 lbs, then doubled over 160 lbs The dark grey X3 resistance band: 50 to 120 lbs, then doubled over 240 lbs The black X3 resistance band: 60 to 150 lbs, then doubled over 300 lbs The X3 Elite resistance band (sold seperately): 110 to 250 …
Can I use X3 despite a latex allergy?
We do have people with latex allergies that use the X3 but they usually take some precautions such as, wearing a longer sleeved shirt, wearing gloves, and making sure to wash after your workout to prevent the latex proteins from irritating the skin. The bands are made using natural latex, so if you have an extreme allergy to latex, these bands may …
How long is the X3 bar?
The X3 Elite bar is 21.5 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, and weighs in at 4 pounds.
Is there a longer or wider X3 bar?
This is by design, a longer bar ends up making the exercises easier. This doesn’t equate to better stimulation of the muscle. A wider grip ends up decreasing your range of motion, which means less stimulation, therefore less growth. The X3 is designed to stimulate the greatest amount of growth. We don’t have any plans to make a wider X3 bar. The …