Support / Ordering

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans! We offer them through Affirm and PayPal Credit. The terms may vary but they typically offer 3-6 month plans at zero interest. They also offer longer plans but usually with interest.

What payment options can I use?

We accept payments from Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shopify Pay. You may also be able to finance your purchase with Affirm or PayPal Credit.

Where can I get more X3 resistance bands?

We offer replacement X3 bands or extra X3 bands to existing customers. If you need any additional bands contact us and we will assist you.

Do I need the X3 Elite Band?

The X3 Elite band is a beast! It is a 41 inch loop that generates 110 to 300+ pounds, and over 600 pounds when doubled over. We generally recommend that most people try the bands that are included with the X3 before looking at getting an X3 Elite...

Do you offer any lighter resistance bands?

At this time, we do not offer any lighter resistance bands than what is included with the X3. There is a company called Serious Steel that makes light weight, high quality resistance bands that work well with the X3.

Do you offer military, veteran, or first responder discounts?

We absolutely offer a military and first responder discount! We offer a 15% discount on the X3 system! We use at checkout as a secure way to prove your identity and automatically apply your discount to your order.

How long do the X3 bands last?

Due to our custom layering process, X3 bands are durable. They should last about 7 years before they end up losing enough tension that you would want to replace them. Some signs of wear on the outer layers is normal.

How much does the X3 bar workout system cost? Why does X3 cost that much?

The X3 Bar system is designed to deliver forces that are far beyond what people would normally handle in a gym environment. This means the bar, plate, and banding have to be able to safely provide and withstand far more force capacity than standard...

What’s the difference between the X3 bands and other resistance bands?

The bands that come with the X3 are made through a layering process. With 15 total layers of natural latex this adds durability and strength to the X3 resistance bands. The individual layers helps prevent the bands from snapping or breaking unlike...

Where can I purchase X3?

You can purchase X3 directly from the official Jaquish Biomedical store .