X3 Elite Band

Are you elite? Push your strength to new levels with the highest resistance X3 band in the world.

  • Band can exceed 600 lbs of peak force
  • More resistance on the muscle = more gains!
  • Limited Availability Item – order now!
  • Includes Elite Band only, X3 Bar sold separately
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Bundle Options:
X3 Elite Band (Band Only)
X3 Bar System + X3 Elite Band (10–600+lbs)

Please note that this is the Elite band only and does not include the bar, or any other components.

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Hear From Our Customers

  • Only buy it if you are ready for the hardest workout of your life!! Love it!!
    Tony H.
  • This thing will challenge anybody! This is the cherry on top when you really want to push an already strong muscle group or if you’re not as strong and want to do less reps depending on what your goals are. Like everything else they make, first class quality!
    John C.
  • The band is everything you would want. Instead of piling up multiple bands, just use this bad boy. Plus, its a great conversation piece at parties :)
    Jesse O.
  • Definitely a game changer for upping your game in using the X3 Bar. If the black isn't doing enough for you anymore this will fix your problem.
    Addison A.
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