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Physical Medicine Research

Applying new scientific findings in human physiology to physical medicine and rehabilitation device design.

Effective strength training in 10 minutes a day

X3 is a device that uses variable resistance applied to free weight lifting movements using layered latex attaching to a patented olympic bar and ground plate combination.

Research has shown that variable resistance based strength training can yield muscular adaptations three fold greater than those seen in a control group performing conventional exercise, all while providing a greatly reduced chance of injury.

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FORTAGEN provides the optimum amino acid pattern. This powerful formula has a net amino acid utilization of nearly 100%. In other words, nearly all amino acids are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein.

Each serving is 10g of active ingredients, which research suggests is equivalent to over 50g of protein from an ordinary whey supplement, or over 70g of protein from plant-based protein powders.

FORTAGEN offers the highest protein nutritional value in the world.