Support / Will the X3 work for me?

Am I too short or too tall for X3? Are my shoulders too wide?

How long is the X3 bar? # The X3 Elite bar is 21.5 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, and weighs in at 4 pounds. Are my shoulders too wide? # People take a wide grip on a bench press bar because it becomes an easier exercise, or creates the...

Am I too young or too old to use X3?

Certainly not! We have people from their teens all the way into their mid eighties who use the X3 daily! One of our oldest customers, who recently turned 81, has put on 15 pounds of muscle since starting with the X3!

Can I workout with X3 despite my injury?

The X3 can be used to help rehabilitate injuries, especially with the variable resistance of the bands. It allows a lot less pressure to be put on your joints during your weak range of motion.

Does the X3 program work on my core and abs?

While there are no ab specific exercises, research indicates that the deadlift and the front squat exercises activate the abdominal muscles more effectively than ab-specific exercises. Abs are stabilizing muscles, which grow when used as such.

Does the X3 target fast or slow twitch muscles?

The training applied to stimulate fast vs slow twitch is turning out to be conflicting. The most conclusive evidence shows that momentary fatigue using resistance stimulates growth of both types the same.

Does X3 help with osteoporosis or increase bone strength?

X3 will have little if any effect on bone density, the reason being that forces of 4.2 multiples of body weight are required to trigger bone growth, and most individuals aren’t capable of lifting that heavy of a resistance - even with the X3.

I’m an older woman, can I use the X3?

We have many customers in their 70s, and even 80s, who use the X3 daily! For examples of real life users, please visit the Ladies of X3 Facebook user group and the X3 Bar users group .

What types of exercises can I do with X3?

The X3 can be used for a large variety of exercises. The X3 12-week training program will show you how to perform all of the listed exercises. The X3 program works all of your major muscle groups.

Can women use the X3?

The X3 was designed for everyone, not just men! For examples of real-life users, please visit the Ladies of X3 Facebook user group and the X3 Bar users group .

Can X3 and Osteostrong routines be combined?

X3 and OsteoStrong are very compatible - you can even do both on the same day! Just be sure that if you do them on the same day you do your OsteoStrong session first and X3 after.

Do X3 resistance bands build muscle or tone?

The X3 is for building strength! X3 resistance bands help stimulate muscle growth by allowing better stimulation during the entire range of motion. The variable resistance of the X3 bands allows you to load more force on your muscles in your strong...

How is X3 different from free weights (dumbbells and barbells) or typical resistance bands?

People don’t realize they are 7 times stronger than they think they are, based on biomechanics. This is because for many movements, when you are in the strongest position (imagine the top of a pushup) you can exert 7X more force than when you are in...

What kind of results can I expect with the X3 bar?

People are seeing 3 times the strength gains as compared to traditional strength training. Your results will be dependent on consistently doing your workouts and focusing on your diet. A large part of your results will be based on your diet, which is...

Where can I find X3 bar reviews?

You can find reviews for the X3 on our website or in the X3 fan run Facebook group, X3 Bar Users Group . The X3 Bar Users Group is filled with many wonderful people who post their experiences and journey with the X3.

Why do you recommend against cardio with the X3?

The vast majority of people engaging in “cardio” exercise do so to reduce their body fat. This may be one of the worst approaches to achieving that goal because cardiovascular exercise up-regulates cortisol.

Why does X3 have so many negative reviews?

The product is both successful and controversial which often invites criticism, but most of these people either haven’t researched the product and don’t understand how it works, or are really jealousy driven, from a “why I didn’t think of that”...

Why is the X3 bicep curl different than a typical bicep curl?

We do drag curls, which entails both shoulders going back and forearms coming up. This causes a more intense bicep contraction at the top of the movement which contributes to more exhaustion, especially with the variance in resistance provided with...

Will I bulk up and build muscle using X3? (as a man and as a woman)

The X3 workout system provides high quality strength training and nutritional advice to help people of all fitness goals to build muscle and lose fat. You can build muscle, be stronger, and more toned without bulking up your muscles.