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X3 Nutrition - Ep. #5: What Is Fasting and How Is it Different from Caloric Restriction? #

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish defines fasting and explains how to achieve the best results through intermittent fasting. You’ll learn how and why fasting has been proven to burn more fat than caloric restriction alone. Also, Dr. Jaquish discusses some of the lesser-known benefits of fasting, referencing a study proving why fasting was more beneficial than caloric restriction.

X3 Nutrition - Ep #6: Physiological Changes that Occur During Fasting #

In this episode, Dr. Jaquish discusses fasting benefits, from autophagy and lowered insulin sensitivity, to HGH upregulation and T-cell regeneration. As you’ll learn, fasting spurs incredible physiological changes that span far beyond fat loss.

X3 Nutrition - Ep. #7: How to Get Started with Fasting #

Wondering how to get started with fasting? Dr. John Jaquish discusses 16:8 fasting and explains why the benefits of fasting are far greater when you expand time-restricted eating windows to 24 hours or more.

X3 Nutrition - Ep. #8: Dry Fasting #

Dry fasting, specifically Ramadan fasting, is a method of fasting that restricts all food and water consumption from dawn to dusk. As Dr. Jaquish explains in this video, it’s a powerful way to amplify the countless benefits of fasting, including body fat loss.

X3 Nutrition - Ep. #9: Consuming Fortagen While Fasting #

Training in a fasted state is tremendously powerful. By fasting and supplementing with the essential amino acids the body needs to build and repair muscle tissue, you can continue gaining muscle while rapidly losing body fat. Dr. John Jaquish explains how in this video.