Cognitide supports your mental sharpness and muscular strength by combining classic and cutting-edge ingredients.


    Cognitide is an advanced cognitive support supplement that combines classic and cutting edge ingredients. This unique product blends premium creatine with specialized Neuro and Fibro Growth Factors, offering a superior approach to supporting brain health and physical wellness, for individuals interested in optimizing mental sharpness and muscular strength.

    Powerful Research Behind Cognitide’s Ingredients

    First and foremost, we always encourage customers to read third-party research related to any key ingredients. As such, we’ve provided research highlights below:

    1. Read research about the cognitive benefits of Creatine published in Experimental Gerontology

    2. Read research about Neuro Growth Factors published in the Journal of Neuroscience

    3. Read research about Fibroblast Growth Factors published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering


    While creatine is commonly associated with muscle strength, its relevance to cognition is equally noteworthy. Creatine plays a crucial role in energy metabolism within brain cells, supporting mental clarity, concentration, and overall brain function. This improved energy metabolism makes healthy Creatine levels beneficial for activities requiring mental endurance and quick thinking. The minimum suggested daily intake of Cognitide provides 750 milligrams of creatine, which is substantial in the context of the body’s natural production of about 1–2 grams per day. Those following the X3 nutrition recommendations are likely obtaining significant dietary creatine as well, which, when combined with Cognitide, may reach or exceed the levels often tested in research.

    Neuron Growth Factors (NGFs)

    Neuro growth factors are vital to neuronal development and regeneration and are involved in cognitive functions like memory, learning, and neuroplasticity, making them essential for maintaining healthy brain activity.

    Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs)

    Fibro growth factors are vital for developing and repairing connective tissues. Their role in the post-exercise recovery process and in the musculoskeletal system’s overall health is indispensable for individuals engaging in physical activity.

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