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Will the X3 work for me?

Will I bulk up and build muscle using X3? (as a man or as a woman)

The X3 workout system provides high quality strength training and nutritional advice to help people of all fitness goals to build muscle and lose fat. You can build muscle , be stronger, and more toned without bulking up your muscles. You wont accidentally look like a bodybuilder without eating like one! The heavily muscled and bulked up look comes largely from dietary choices.

As a male, provided the proper amount of quality protein is consumed, muscle will be gained. Some X3 users have gained as much as 20lbs in 6 months time, just check out the thousands of reviews and testimonials on our website to get an idea of the outcomes various X3 owners have achieved.

Women, however, have much lower average testosterone than men, and without male equivalent anabolic hormone levels, women will not gain substantial muscle mass with X3 or any other strength training method. Women should expect to see a fat loss effect because of the growth hormone release associated with self stabilized exercises like X3 (Jaquish, Alkire, 2016) and will also be likely to see better posture and more defined, feminine lines. See examples of women using X3 for these goals on this site and in the X3 Users Groups.

Can I workout with X3 despite my injury?

The X3 can be used to help rehabilitate injuries, especially with the variable resistance of the bands. It allows a lot less pressure to be put on your joints during your weak range of motion. If you are going to use the X3 with an injury or to rehabilitate your injury, we highly recommend you talk with your doctor or physical therapist to see if you are cleared for variable resistance training.

Are my shoulders too wide for the X3 bar?

People take a wide grip on a bench press bar because it becomes an easier exercise, or creates the illusion of gained strength. Basically the range is shorter stimulates less muscle growth.

You can see this when an individual is at the top of the range of motion. When someone takes a wide grip is the pectoral close to being fully contracted? No. With a close grip? Yes.

X3 is designed to get you as strong as possible, not so people can play games with leverage so they can pretend they got stronger by widening their grip. A close grip, and fully contracted pectorals will get you muscle growth faster, especially with the strong levels of variable resistance that X3 provides. After you grow, if you want to show off on a regular bench press you can certainly do that, but THAT activity is for ego, not growth. Know the difference.

While we still recommend the Standard X3 Elite Bar for best results, if you already have the X3 Elite system and want a longer bar, we do also offer a version that is 8 inches longer: X3 Long Bar.

Is there a longer or wider X3 bar?

The X3 Elite Bar was designed with maximum efficacy in mind. A longer bar ends up making the exercises easier, which doesn’t equate to better stimulation of the muscle. A wider grip ends up decreasing your range of motion, which means less stimulation, therefore less growth. The X3 is designed to stimulate the greatest amount of growth.

If you already have the complete X3 system and are still looking for a wider bar, we offer the X3 Long Bar, which is 8 inches longer than the Elite Bar.

Do you need help getting into the X3 chest press or tricep press?

Am I too tall or too short for X3?

We have never come across anyone who is too tall, even NBA teams use X3 and this still has not occurred. The X3 is designed for use by everyone through the variable resistance of the X3 bands! Members of the X3 community have found success no matter their height. They range from petite 4'11" tall users to professional basketball players who are 6'10" with 7'1" arm spans. Our shorter users often shorten their X3 bands.

Am I too young or too old to use X3?

Certainly not! We have people from their teens all the way into their mid eighties who use the X3 daily! One of our oldest customers, who recently turned 81, has put on 15 pounds of muscle since starting with the X3!

There have been a lot of studies done on youth and strength training. They have not found any negative correlation between strength training and growth rates. What has been seen is an increase in overall health, reduced risk of injury, and an increase in self confidence. Here is one study.

Can women use the X3?

The X3 was designed for everyone, not just men! For examples of real-life users, please visit the Ladies of X3 Facebook user group and the other X3 Bar users groups.

Also, be sure to check out if women using the X3 bulk up or build muscles.

And learn more about using heavy resistance bands for muscle building or toning.

I’m an older woman, can I use the X3?

We have many customers in their 70s, and even 80s, who use the X3 daily!

For examples of real life users, please visit the Ladies of X3 Facebook user group and the other X3 Bar users groups.

Can X3 and Osteostrong routines be combined?

X3 and OsteoStrong are very compatible—you can even do both on the same day! Just be sure that if you do them on the same day you do your OsteoStrong session first and X3 after.

Can I use X3 despite a latex allergy?

We do have people with latex allergies that use the X3 but they usually take some precautions such as, wearing a longer sleeved shirt, wearing gloves, and making sure to wash after your workout to prevent the latex proteins from irritating the skin.

The bands are made using natural latex, so if you have an extreme allergy to latex, these bands may not be right for you. We have been looking into non latex bands and have been unable to find any that can provide the resistance and durability to be usable with X3 bar workouts.

Why does X3 have so many negative reviews?

The product is both successful and controversial which often invites criticism, but most of these people either haven’t researched the product and don’t understand how X3 works, or are really jealousy driven, from a “why I didn’t think of that” category.

The vast majority of comments disparaging the product are from people who have not read or are unwilling to read the science, and have never seen or experienced the product. You can see many of these people on, this site has a variety of people who are negative, but you can tell from their comments that are both nonsensical and obviously not accurate on basic functions of the product, that they have no clue what they are talking about.

This situation comes from the different, science based thinking and logic that drove the innovation of X3. For this reason, some negativity is pointed personally at Dr. Jaquish.

There is a third category of negative comments coming from gym owners, or trainers pitch their own highly complicated routines and who therefore have an obvious conflict of interest. They do not like seeing an absolutely complete system and simple program that fits in a bag that can go on your back, or sit in a drawer when you get home, which offers greater results than they can deliver.

Where can I find real X3 bar reviews?

You can find reviews for the X3 on our website or in the X3 Facebook group.

All of these groups are filled with many wonderful people who post their experiences and journey with the X3.