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X3 Variations

How can I shorten the X3 bands?

We do not currently offer different length bands, but there are many tips in the users group on how to increase range of motion with the existing bands. Shorter people will need a heavier band than taller people of equivalent strength.

Many users simply wrap the band around the hook twice which will take up some of the extra slack.

There are discussions of other options in the X3 Bar Users Groups on Facebook on “shortening” the existing bands to increase your range of motion.

I have shoulder issues and can’t do the overhead press. Can I do an upright row?

The X3 Bar upright row is an alternate movement. The upright row is inferior to the overhead press. There’s more shortening of the deltoid in the overhead press when you move the bar over your head.

However, it’s a great alternative to the overhead press if you have a damaged shoulder and you can’t get your arms over your head without pain.

Refer to the X3 12-Week Program for more information.

Can I use X3 without the bar or plate? Can I add other exercises?

Let’s go over relevant weights: You cannot use heavy banding alone in any useful way for strength development other than rehabilitation. This is because in your strongest positions you are actually seven times stronger than you might think you are in based on what weights you can lift.

In order to exert this massive power delivery capacity of the body in order to fatigue yourself, the forces required become too high for smaller joints to handle without being properly aligned. Resistance bands by themselves twist joints, causing pain, potentially damaging the smaller bones and tendons in the wrists and ankles, and preventing you from applying these high forces. To address this, we developed and patented an Olympic-type bar (the X3 bar) that can handle over 800 lbs, as well as a second ground (the X3 ground plate) so both the wrists and ankles are protected and properly aligned. When this is done properly, you truly access your body’s capability in a way you have never seen before.

Take a look at some of the high forces that can be achieved with X3 and you will understand why keeping joints neutral is a top priority.