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Common X3 Resistance Band Questions

What’s the difference between the X3 bands and other resistance bands?

You can purchase X3 directly from the official Jaquish Biomedical store. The bands that come with the X3 are made through a layering process. With 15 total layers of natural latex, this adds durability and strength to the X3 resistance bands. The individual layers help prevent the bands from snapping or breaking, unlike other cheaper resistance bands. It also means that we can apply very high forces (in some cases over 600 lbs!) just with a resistance band!

See the weight equivalent of X3 resistance bands.

Do I need the X3 Elite Band?

You can purchase X3 directly from the official Jaquish Biomedical store. The X3 Elite band is a beast! It is a 41 inch loop that generates 110 to 300+ pounds, and over 600 pounds when doubled over. We generally recommend that most people try the bands that are included with the X3 before looking at getting an X3 Elite band.

You will want to be able to do at least 40 slow and controlled reps with the included black band before moving to the Elite.

Do you offer any lighter resistance bands?

You can purchase X3 directly from the official Jaquish Biomedical store. At this time, we do not offer any lighter resistance bands than what is included with the X3.

There is a company called Serious Steel that makes lightweight, high-quality resistance bands that work well with the X3.

These two bands they provide that are lighter than ours:

Serious Steel #0 1/4 in. Orange Band, 2–15 lbs (0.9–6.8 kg), on

Serious Steel #1 1/2 in. Purple Band, 5–35 lbs (2.3–15.9 kg), on

How long do the X3 bands last?

Due to our custom layering process, X3 bands are durable. They should last about 7 years before they end up losing enough tension that you would want to replace them. Some signs of wear on the outer layers is normal.

The average high-resistance band lasts 3 years or less. X3 bands last longer because they are built for durability.

If your bands show tears or weakness that seem unrelated to everyday wear and tear, please send a picture to our customer service team. We’ll help you determine if it’s normal or if your band should be replaced.

If your band needs to be replaced within one year of purchase, email us at [email protected]. It could be a manufacturer’s defect and therefore covered by our one-year warranty.

Why does my X3 band look worn, frayed, or torn?

Latex is a soft material, and as such, it can take little nicks and scratches on the first layer facing the outside. This is no cause for alarm and the difference is purely cosmetic.

Think about a new set of tires. They look great the day you buy the car, but after you drive 500 miles on them, then definitely don’t look new anymore. Still, they are good to drive another 40k miles on them.

If you believe your band is damaged beyond normal wear, please send a photo to customer service and we can look at its condition.

Where can I get replacement X3 resistance bands?

You can purchase X3 directly from the official Jaquish Biomedical store.

We offer replacement X3 bands or extra X3 bands to existing customers.

If you need any additional bands contact our customer service team and we will assist you.

How do I care for my resistance bands?

The resistance bands from the Jaquish Biomedical online store are unlike any other resistance bands on the market. They are unmatched when it comes to quality and durability, making your strength-building workout the best it can be.

Strong enough to take a beating during your workouts, your bands still require proper care to ensure their longevity.


Closely inspect your bands before and after every workout. Look for cracks, discoloration, punctures, tears, or other indications of wear.

If you are concerned about any potential areas of weakness, please contact us and provide a clear, well-lit picture so we can assess whether you need a replacement.

If a replacement is required within a year of the date of purchase, we’ll determine whether these problematic areas are due to manufacturer defects and covered by the warranty.


If you love to work out outside - we encourage it. You’ll get your vitamin D fix while building strength.

Just remember to store your resistance bands away from direct sunlight, very high or low humidity, and away from heat sources and very cold temperatures.


Clean your bands regularly, but don’t use soap or other cleaning products.

These can deteriorate the strength of your bands and reduce the elasticity over time, which, of course, may reduce the effectiveness of your workout.

Simply wipe down your bands with a damp cloth after each use.