How X3 Works

Variable Resistance Training Powered by X3

X3 is an all-in-one home gym system that’s both safer and more effective than weights. Build muscle and burn fat in just 10 minutes a day. Train smarter with variable resistance training.

Where Weights Went Wrong

Weightlifting fails to deliver results because it can’t provide the amount of force necessary to trigger muscle growth throughout the entire range of motion. Your weight choice is limited to what your weak range can handle, preventing true fatigue in your medium and strong ranges.

You Are 7 Times Stronger Than You Think You Are

There’s a sevenfold difference between the average muscle load generated on weight machines or when weightlifting and what you are actually capable of doing. As a lift progresses, your body enters its strongest, impact ready position, but the weight remains the same. Weight lifting limits you to the strength of your weak range, such as the bottom of your deadlift or bench press.

Weightlifting Overloads Joints and Underloads Muscle.

When choosing a weight according to your strong range capability, you risk injury by overloading your weak range, where most cumulative joint damage occurs. Variable resistance training protects joints by reducing force in the weak range of each lift.

The Ultimate Solution for Maximizing Muscle and Minimizing Fat.

What is needed for maximum muscle growth? A weight that changes as we move. X3’s variable resistance gives you lighter load in your weak ranges, normal heaviness in your middle ranges, and tremendously high load in your impact-ready strong range.

The X3 Variable Resistance Training System

X3 mimics the body’s natural dynamic capacity with an appropriate level of resistance throughout the range of motion. Maximally load the body, and you’ll create the optimal hormonal environment for building muscle and burning fat.
X3 Program
  • Recruits more muscle fibers
  • Creates the ideal hormonal environment
  • Stimulates greater muscle growth
  • Promotes maximum fat burn

Not All Resistance Bands Are the Same

X3 Bar is the ONLY variable resistance-based home gym that’s strong enough to change your body composition. The preferred choice of professional athletes, X3 is not your grandma’s rubber rehab band.

To build muscle and lose weight, you must lift heavy.

  • Superior latex bands offer the resistance you need for muscle growth
  • Stable, heavy-duty ground plate protects your ankles from the force of the bands
  • Olympic steel alloy bar with internal bearings optimizes grip at every angle
The equipment you need for the gains you expect. All it takes is just 10 minutes each day.

X3 Programming

X3’s evidence-based training program is periodized to introduce users of all levels to the principles of variable resistance. Commit to the 12-week program to see visible results in weeks. You’ll never want to lift weights or do cardio again.
  • Repeatable 12-week program tells you when to work and when to rest
  • Split push-pull days let you work your hardest, without burnout
  • Hundreds of FREE videos offer entry level training and advanced guidance
  • Hacks for quicker results (see constant tension and diminishing range)
Join the X3 Community

Join the X3 Community

Why do people stop exercising?
  • They can't afford their monthly membership
  • They get injured
  • They don't have time
  • They don't see visible results
  • They don't have a supportive community

X3 bar avoids all of the above, with no monthly membership required. Plus, it’s suitable and effective for all fitness levels.

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