By 8 News Now on June 22, 2022

Personal trainer Daniel Magyar tells us about the right way to shed extra pounds, which involves looking at hormones, exercise and diet.

Daniel Magyar, a personal trainer, explains how to lose weight properly by considering hormones, exercise, and diet.

Full Transcript:

Mercedes Martinez: It is a $58 billion industry, and we’re talking about weight loss and there truly is a right way to shed some of those extra pounds, and here to tell us more is personal trainer Daniel Magyar. Hi Daniel.

Daniel Magyar: Hi, thank you very much for having me.

Mercedes Martinez: Welcome. You’ve got some great information when it comes to weight loss, and a lot of times when people want to lose weight the first thing that they really recommend that you look at is hormones.

Daniel Magyar: Exactly. What I always do in my practice, I always recommend my clients to check their hormones first, because the last thing you want to do is work very hard, diet very hard, and not get the proper results for it. I recommend checking testosterone, your estrogen, your prolactin, TSH levels, and make sure that they’re in optimal ranges before you start your journey.

Mercedes Martinez: Because it’s going to be different for every person, right?

Daniel Magyar: Well, it is very difficult for a man to burn fat if the estrogen is high. Okay, so that needs to be taken care of before starting the journey.

Mercedes Martinez: And what about for women? What do you find as far as hormones go the biggest-

Daniel Magyar: Also optimal ranges.

Mercedes Martinez: Okay.

Daniel Magyar: Yes.

Mercedes Martinez: Gotcha. Let’s talk about working hard and exercise. What is… is there a magic pill, so to speak, when it comes to exercise? What’s the best way to train?

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Daniel Magyar: Every transformation I have ever coached is the best when there was exercise included.

Mercedes Martinez: Okay.

Daniel Magyar: Okay, because the exercise, that brings the muscle up, tightens up the body, brings the shapes to women, it doesn’t bring any masculine shapes, it makes them more feminine and it stimulates the hormone when you use the equipment like we use, it’s the in-home training system called Edge Three, which is the special system that includes the resistant bands and a bar and a platform. That system helps you stimulate a little bit more growth hormones so you burn fat quicker.

Mercedes Martinez: But it really is about resistance training. That really is your best bet, isn’t it?

Daniel Magyar: Yes, so you truly need heavy loads and absolute fatigue to deliver muscular stimulus because there’s… if the body doesn’t get an absolute fatigue, it doesn’t have a reason to adapt.

Mercedes Martinez: What about diet? That’s obviously a big part too.

Daniel Magyar: Absolutely.

Mercedes Martinez: What do you recommend there?

Daniel Magyar: First of all, the diet has to be in harmony with the person. You can’t really put yourself on a train that you can’t handle. Make sure that everything about the diet that you’re about to do is going to be in harmony with you. I personally use a four high calorie days and three low calorie days to start with before I start the person on a fat loss journey, and the reason is because I want to keep the metabolism firing at the highest rate and I drop down to a deficit three days a week, and that creates the downturn and a fat burn. Make sense?

Mercedes Martinez: Yeah, it makes complete sense, and you actually have the photos to back it up. Let’s take a look at some of your clients. Look at that transformation. That is absolutely incredible. Wow. Wow, absolutely amazing.

Daniel Magyar: And it’s just a matter of months.

Mercedes Martinez: If people want to reach out to you to get more information, how do they do that?

Daniel Magyar: Instagram.

Mercedes Martinez: Okay. What is your Instagram?

Daniel Magyar: dm_trainer.

Mercedes Martinez: dm_trainer. And you too can have a transformation like that with just some simple steps and changes. Thank you so much-

Daniel Magyar: Thank you for having me.

Mercedes Martinez:… Daniel, for sponsoring this segment.

Mercedes Martinez: He is offering 10% off of his online coaching program. Just head to his Instagram, again, dm_trainer, for more information. All right, let’s…

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