By Digital Journal on June 7, 2022

New OsteoStrong Center Opens in Missoula, Montana

OsteoStrong Delivers New Approach to Massive Physical Performance Improvement

Kyle Zagrodzky, the Founder and CEO of OsteoStrong announced another brand new OsteoStrong location opened in May 2022. New center owner, Rachel Ames, opened her first center in Missoula, Montana with 115 new members.

OsteoStrong is a world-renowned system delivering physical freedom to those wanting an efficient and simple method for strengthening their musculoskeletal system, eliminating joint pain, and improving balance and agility. OsteoStrong founder, Kyle Zagrodzky is on an accelerated mission to introduce this technology to the masses who either want to radically improve their athletic performance or stop suffering in fear of falling or wish to continue being active every day.

Zagrodzky, a serial entrepreneur, earning over 100 million in revenue as the founder of several companies, is drawn to concepts that improve the human condition. When Zagrodzky met John Jaquish, Ph.D. – an inventor championing a new technology whose results astounded the medical community, Kyle knew he had to help make this technology available to others, saying that he was “blown away by the prototype machine technology and feels as though he’s a humble steward with a huge responsibility. Every time we open a new location, we know it impacts hundreds of thousands of people by educating and helping people in the community.”

OsteoStrong currently has over 150 locations in multiple states and worldwide, adding several new franchise agreements this quarter. OsteoStrong is one of the fastest-growing companies to watch in 2022.

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OsteoStrong uses a proprietary patented system to deliver unprecedented results. OsteoStrong is first-in-class of a new category of devices called Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RMDS). Research has shown that the most significant effect on bone and muscle strength is the result of high-impact activity. Hundreds of studies have confirmed this, even identifying the minimum dose of force required through the hip joint as being over four times bodyweight in order to trigger the development of new bone tissue. OsteoStrong is a great solution for the following people who can benefit most from the science of high-impact force, without having to experience high-impact that is often associated with injury:

  • High-performance athletes
  • Anyone with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
  • Pre and Post-Menopausal women
  • Anyone resistant to pharmaceutical treatments or those wanting a natural solution
  • Anyone needing to increase strength and balance
  • Anyone with an increased risk of falling
  • Individuals experiencing chronic joint pain or poor posture
  • Anyone in need of post-physical therapy strengthening

Impact forces on the human body are often associated with injury. Therefore, most people intentionally avoid activities that cause high impact which is a key to developing a strong musculoskeletal system. OsteoStrong utilizes a series of robotic musculoskeletal strengthening devices utilizing high-impact emulation so that people can get the benefit of impact without the associated risks that usually come with high-impact, providing a safe, radical new approach to massive physical performance improvements with no side effects.

OsteoStrong works for people of all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal and muscle strength, which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick (10 to 15 minutes one day per week), painless, sweat-free, and results are measurable and happen quickly.

OsteoStrong offers a free session through their website at Visit the new location in person at 1502 Dearborn Ave, Suite B, Missoula, Montana. Phone: 406-926-4014.

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