February 1, 2021

X3 Fitness Transformations: John

A before and after photo of X3 user John Cannon

John is a 28-year-old X3 Fortagen, IN-Perium, Osteogenic User and recovering weightlifter. He lifted weights for over five years and spent up to nine hours per week in the gym.

In that span, he focused on bodybuilding, powerlifting, traditional strength training, and HIIT training.

John’s X3 Experience and Nutrition Protocol

John dedicates just 2-3 hours per week to his X3 workouts. He first noticed significant results around the time he completed the X3 12-week program.

John follows a strict carnivore and moderately strict diet protocol and uses Fortagen. He tracks daily calories, macros, and protein and limits poor choices. Also, he follows the keto/paleo diet.


Have you had any significant weightlifting injuries and setbacks?

I had consistent lower back and knee issues prior to X3, as well as some shoulder discomfort. After using X3 and figuring out the correct form, I have had no injuries or ailments that have prevented me from working out (except work exhaustion on occasion).

What results have you experienced since starting with X3?

Start weight: 278 lbs

Current weight: 243 lbs

Height: 6’10”

Have you tried Fortagen? If so, how does it compare to other muscle-building supplements you have taken in the past?

Fortagen is by far the best supplement I’ve ever taken. I use three servings per day.

What results have you experienced since incorporating Fortagen?

Consistent muscle gain without having to eat as much protein from food sources.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am also currently including daily 18-hour dry fasts. I also follow the hyperplasia protocol discussed in the book and strive to hit complete exhaustion on every workout with good form and repetitions.

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