March 1, 2021

X3 Fitness Transformations: Brett

A before and after transformation featuring X3 Bar user Brett

Brett is a 42-year-old X3 user and recovering weightlifter. He lifted weights for over 10 years and spent up to nine hours per week in the gym.

In that span, he focused on bodybuilding, powerlifting, traditional strength training, and HIIT training.

Brett’s X3 Experience and Nutrition Protocol

Brett dedicates just 1-2 hours per week to his X3 workouts. He first noticed significant results around the time he completed the X3 12-week program.

Brett follows a strict carnivore diet protocol and uses Fortagen daily. He tracks daily calories, macros, and protein.


Have you had any significant weightlifting injuries and setbacks?

Yes, almost too many to name. Rotator cuff tears, calf strains, pulled hamstring, torn bicep, forearm strains, and chest pec (slight tear).

What results have you experienced since starting with X3?

Incredible results. No more injuries. Increased lung and cardio capacity … dropped significantly body fat (about 9lbs) and added significant muscle (22+ lbs.). I started at 164 lbs, went to 155 (body fat loss), and then settled in at 177. All muscle. My body fat percentage measured 17% beforehand. I’m now sitting comfortably around 9-10% body fat.

Have you tried Fortagen? If so, how does it compare to other muscle-building supplements you have taken in the past?

I love it. Virtually no calories, tastes good, and no bloat at all.

What results have you experienced since incorporating Fortagen?

It helped me drop body fat and maintain muscle (actually added another 3+ lbs of muscle) since usage began.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My X3 is literally my favorite thing I own. It’s become a part of my identity … I love the lifestyle change and daily workouts. I’ve likely sold about 15-20 to friends I demo this with at their homes because I want others to realize the right way to get healthy. It just works.

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