May 25, 2022

Why You Won't Find X3 on Amazon

From pencils to furniture, Amazon sells almost every product under the sun with unbelievably fast delivery. But you will never find an X3 Bar on Amazon.

Safety concerns regarding third party sellers and Amazon’s domino effect on independent companies are just the start when it comes to reasons why we’re not partnering with the e-commerce giant. Other brands, like Nike and Birkenstock 1, have already started to change the way they do business with Amazon for some of the same reasons.

As a company, you’re always taking a chance when you allow another vendor, like Amazon, to sell your product. In this article, we’ll outline three major reasons why you should be wary about purchasing X3 imitations from other vendors, and why you’ll never see the X3 Bar on Amazon.

The Problem with Third-Party Sellers on Amazon

The Problem with Third-Party Sellers on Amazon

Surprisingly, most people don’t realize that most of Amazon’s listings aren’t actually made by the e-commerce giant. Instead, they’re touted by third-party sellers that may not be reputable or qualified to create fitness products.

A search for “X3 Bar” will yield heaps of results on Amazon. But the issue lies in the fact that these sellers are promoting low quality, X3 imitations that have side-stepped X3 Bar patent protections, making them a danger for all who purchase.

So, what is Amazon doing about this? Up until recently, not too much. A Wall Street Journal investigation2 found over 4,000 banned, unsafe, or mislabeled products listed on the site. In that same telling investigation, a former employee estimated that 80% of third-party sellers on Amazon do not comply with safety and labeling standards, nor do they include warning labels that many shoppers rely upon.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that almost anyone can sell products on Amazon’s website. Furthermore, Amazon only requires third-party sellers to self-certify their products3 before sales go live.

But when it comes to safety, relying on third-party sellers to abide by the honor code doesn’t cut it for us, and it shouldn’t for you, either. Therefore, you should be suspicious of any seller who claims to have engineered a product that rivals the X3 Bar.

Don’t Be Fooled By These X3 Bar Imitations on Amazon

Teslang boasts a 500-lb resistance band bar set and portable home gym set that comes with large resistance bands for both men and women. However, the reviews are telling and prove that this imitation can’t hold a candle to the X3 Bar.

One reviewer stated disappointment when his Teslang heavy resistance band broke after one month of use. The same reviewer also commented on strict limitations when using the resistance bands since Teslang warns that they can’t be stretched beyond 3x their length.

Another user was shocked at the poor quality of the Teslang resistance bar, the weakness of the Teslang resistance bands, and the fact that the quality of the product is subpar. He admitted that purchasing the Teslang was a waste of money, especially since the strongest resistance band didn’t even fit in the carabiner.

Dasking is another third-party seller on Amazon that makes various fitness home gym products, including an imitation of the X3 bar. Reviewers weren’t impressed with the length of the bar (too short) and the poor integrity of the Dasking resistance bands. One commenter even stated that she was lucky not to suffer an injury since the band snapped after only a few weeks of use.

Long story short—don’t trust anyone but Jaquish Biomedical to make a safe, high-quality, and effective X3 Variable Resistance Training System.

No Weights, No Cardio

Amazon’s Domino Effect on Independent Businesses

Amazon’s Domino Effect on Independent Businesses

Almost all of us have logged onto Amazon to purchase items for vacation, school, or work. But, have you ever stopped to consider what these repeated purchases are doing to independent businesses?

Now more than ever, people are changing their shopping habits, and it’s obvious that Amazon is the winner when it comes to online shopping. Proof of its success comes from statistics taken at the height of the pandemic when Amazon more than doubled its profit to $5.2 billion in one year, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On the other hand, many wonder how these stats translate to smaller, independent businesses. A recent survey of independent retailers found that three-quarters 4 admitted to being majorly affected by Amazon’s hold on e-commerce5. Consequently, many independent businesses find themselves using Amazon as a distributor if they want any hope of earning online sales.

At Jaquish Biomedical, we understand that the best place to purchase solid, effective products backed by hardcore science is straight from the source – us. Plus, this ensures that you will always receive the safest products from our team of experts and engineers.

Seller’s Fees on Amazon Affect You, Too

amazon seller fee expenses

Like we said before, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to sell on Amazon. But sellers who fail to read the fine print can easily find themselves in a bind due to mounting sellers’ fees on Amazon.

Keep in mind that Amazon is a fulfillment service – meaning Amazon helps independent businesses automate their services. That includes fulfilling and shipping orders, returns, refunds, and warehouse storage. But the downside of using Amazon’s fulfillment services is costly. Some fees that sellers are responsible for paying are6:

  • Storage fees
  • Shipping costs
  • Advertising
  • Customs (for overseas buyers)

On top of that, Amazon takes a percentage from each sale7, thus further reducing profit for independent businesses.

Now, sellers’ fees may not seem like a big deal to you because, after all, sellers are the ones who are responsible for these costs. But ultimately, these costs are reflected in your final purchase price and subject to inflation, like everything else. Therefore, it’s essential to realize that every penny incurred by the seller eventually becomes a cost to you, too.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Our Promise to You

The X3 Variable Resistance Training System includes durable resistance bands, a 21.5-inch barbell, and a small steel bar plate on which to stand. And unlike imitation and knock-off products sold on Amazon, this patent-protected X3 Bar solves the problem of slipping bands and awkward grips.

The reasons why you won’t find the X3 on Amazon come down to safety and our commitment to producing high quality bands, effective fitness products. The X3 Bar is the result of many tried-and-true protocols, years of research, and thousands of high-quality reviews. Check out for yourself why users prefer to buy directly from us, and join our Facebook community group.8

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