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Get Ripped, Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Without Going To The Gym

Get Ripped, Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Without Going To The Gym

Learn How to Get Ripped in 90 Days, Lose Body Fat & Build Muscle

Dr. John Jaquish first created a system to help prevent and overcome Osteoporosis as the inventor of bioDensity. In doing so he continued helping people including his mother to overcome the bone disease through his company named Osteostrong. Eventually partnering with Tony Robbins to expand the business, which is now with eight locations and growing strong. Along the way, Dr. John Jaquish pursued his love for science and human anatomy even further obtaining his Ph.D. Now also the inventor of X3 Bar resistance band bar system system and Author of “Weight-lifting Is A Waste Of Time, So Is Cardio … And, There’s A Better Way To Have The Body You Want.” Dr. Jaquish is an avid bodybuilder and a lean 240lbs, but he doesn’t ever go to the gym & he doesn’t lift weights or do cardio.

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Doctors Orders… “No Cardio, No Weight-Lifting… Just eat right and use the X3 Bar resistance band training system for greater results if you want to Get Ripped, Lose Body Fat, and Gain Muscle Fast at Home to Have the Body You Want”

Take back 30 minutes in your day! If you want to get ripped in 90 days, why exercise at the gym for 30 minutes to an hour per day? Especially when you can get your workout in at home 10 minutes a day. That’s right folks… Dr. John Jaquish is here to explain how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time without going to the gym, working out at home with X3 portable gym.

Research shows strength gains with athletes are much greater, which is why it is called the X3 Bar variable resistance training system. Your X3 Bar resistance band bar system System comes fully equipped with the bar, specially designed resistance bands set, and everything you need to get started and start getting ripped in 3 months! You’ll even get access to Dr. John Jaquish personal 12 Week Workout Plan to lose body fat, get lean, and build muscle. . And remember, with the X3 Bar fitness band bar system there is no need to go to the gym. Learn everything you need to know to get started getting ripped, losing body fat, and building muscle mass fast from the expert, Dr. John Jaquish in this episode of Dropping Bombs Podcast with The Real Brad Lea.

X3 Bar resistance band bar system Creator Shares the Problem with Weight-Lifting

The problem with weight lifting is that it overloads joints and under-loads the muscle. Whereas the X3 Bar resistance band training system is designed to overload muscle and under-load your joints, which is ideal for your health and longevity. Dr. John Jaquish also finds this is ideal for putting on muscle mass in a low or no impact way. Stating he has added the last 60 pounds of muscle mass to his body using the X3 Bar variable resistance training system. This will work for the seasoned exercise professional or the stay at home person just looking to get fit, and the nice part is you won’t feel soar as you do it. Get ripped in 90 days with the X3 Bar resistance band bar system, created by Dr. John Jaquish.

How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

With the X3 Bar exercise band bar system system, you can build muscle and lose body fat at the same time. This system works utilizing controlled resistance and allows you to do exercises that work every muscle in your body. It builds core strength by using it just 10-15 minutes per day and allows your body to do it without cardio, without going to the gym, and without high impact workouts that leave your joints and muscles feeling sore.

In this episode Dr. John Jaquish shares key insights into the misnomer that you grow while you are awake… Letting the listeners know you grow when you are asleep and giving us tips on how to add muscle mass, lose body fat, and get lean without cardio and weight training. Letting the fans of the show know you can have both if you want to have endurance in cardio and a great lean physique. However if you are only concerned with being fit, lean and building muscle mass, the X3 Bar variable resistance training system is a great way to do it. Dr. John Jaquish is not a fan of doing cardio and says unless you want to be a long-distance runner or do endurance sports, cardio is not a must. X3 resistance bands system allows you to target your muscles for strength training. Now watch this full episode to learn from Dr. Jaquish how to lose body fat and gain muscle using his patented X3 Bar resistance band bar system. #strengthtraining #losebodyfat #buildmusclefast

Full Transcript

Brad Lea: What it is? Brad Lea back again with another episode of Dropping Bombs. Today in the studio, folks, do I got a real badass and a real treat for you, Dr. John Jaquish. What’s happening? Welcome to the show.

Dr. John Jaquish: Hey, thanks for having me, Brad. I’m real happy to be here. This is great.

Brad Lea: For those of you that may not have heard of Dr. Jaquish, you may have heard of the device he invented, X3 system, which is like the newest, baddest way to freaking get ripped, grow muscle, gain muscle, lose body fat without stepping into a gym.

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s right.

Brad Lea: And by the way, nowadays that’s most important.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah, especially when they’re telling you to impede your breathing with a mask, while you workout, which is something obviously written by a person who’s never exercised.

Brad Lea: Well, the thing is like I’m not a big fan of the mask period. Like I won’t wear them, my kids won’t wear them. I pulled them out of school so they don’t have to wear them. You’re not designed to breathe in your own freaking exhale, right?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, and nevermind the mold that grows in masks because it’s moist. And then you keep it in your pocket, it’s like a mold sponge. Like yeah, let’s do that. Like that’s not going to create new respiratory problems.

Brad Lea: Oh dude, so now better time than ever. Well, it’s been blowing up even before COVID, but I think since COVID, everybody’s out ordering the X3 system, which-

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I don’t want to, it’s kind of lousy that I’m doing really well because of an international crisis, but-

Brad Lea: I think that helps.

Dr. John Jaquish: It does, and here’s a statistic for you. Gym equipment, strength equipment has 300 times the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens than a public toilet seat because people spit while they exercise, they’re spitting all over the equipment.

Brad Lea: And sweat.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, but it’s more what comes out of your mouth that’s the problem.

Brad Lea: Dude, that’s why when I workout at a gym or otherwise, I don’t want a spotter.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, because they’re coughing in your mouth.

Brad Lea: Well not only that, dude. I swear to you, this is a freaking, everyone always says, “Yeah right.” I’m telling you the truth. This one dude, Eddie, I was telling you about earlier, he’s getting a freaking spot on the bench press, I’m watching, dude. This was back in the day when dolphin shorts were something.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh, okay.

Brad Lea: So this dude walks up, he’s basically standing over the guy, freaking getting ready to lift this off his fucking chest and it looked like ball sweat or something dropped out of his shorts and hit the dude in the forehead.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah. See, you’re going to give somebody a nightmare with this story.

Brad Lea: Yeah, I don’t want a spotter, quite frankly. I don’t want to go to the gym, if there is COVID to a point that it’s there, it’s probably at a gym. I want to workout at home. So again, I’ve got your X3 system. I started using it, it feels like I don’t feel the pain and suffering that when you go to the gym and hit it hard. It feels like it’s not working, but it seems to be tightening my shit pretty quick. I don’t know about growth yet, I just started.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, that’s a good explanation because you don’t get sore from it. And it really highlights for people who are starting to understand how it’s working. When you feel pain from a workout, it’s not necessarily a good thing and most often it’s not a good thing.

Brad Lea: See, that’s what we’re taught though.

Dr. John Jaquish: Of course, we’re taught all kinds of wrong stuff.

Brad Lea: I’m taught when you workout, you’re ripping down the muscle, and then it builds back stronger. So when it hurts, that’s the ripping down of the muscle, that’s good. You want to have pain.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, you don’t. Yeah, the last 60 pounds of muscle I put on, I did it with X3 Bar resistance band training system and I’ve never been sore. Not once.

Brad Lea: Yeah, well again, dude, that’s my type of shit. Now, folks, if you guys look this dude up, you’re going to find out he’s like business partners with Tony Robbins, he’s invented some shit for osteoporosis. You invented a whole thing to basically reverse osteoporosis.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, that was how I got my start. My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis and I saw it a little differently. And in fact, I invented it before I went and got my PhD. And all my professors said, “You would have talked yourself out of this if you had done your education first because it is so crazy unconventional, your approach.” And what I did was, I looked at how compression of bone at a certain level will stimulate growth of the density of that bone, make the bone more powerful.

Brad Lea: Like it’s broke?

Dr. John Jaquish: No, like it’s irritated and to protect itself from the irritant, which is axial force. Force that runs from end to end. To protect itself, it needs to become more powerful. And so when you stimulate and you release the stimulation, the minerals start getting pulled into the bone, and the bone starts to recalcify. Anybody that’s looked at a cross section of a bone, it looks like a honeycomb, kind of a non regular, non mathematically symmetrical kind of structure. But a little bit like a honeycomb. And more little walls get built within the bone and the walls that exist become thicker, so that it becomes a more powerful structure.

Brad Lea: And osteoporosis is when your bone just snap pretty easily.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, they’re brittle. They’re brittle, well it’s associated with aging, but children get it. It’s a disuse dysfunction. So when you look at disuse dysfunctions, well okay, so let’s use it. But the problem with that is putting, so it’s mostly associated with high impact. So gymnasts have the highest bone density, they also have the highest injury rate of pretty much any type of athlete. They retire at the age of 19 for a reason. So what I needed to do was create a medical device that gave the benefit of the high impact forces without the risks. So you could get the growth and not the damage or the risk of injury. And now there’s 140 clinics in eight different countries and they’re called OsteoStrong locations.

Brad Lea: Wow.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: So you guys, he’s like globally known for breaking through shit. But the book, I think, Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There is a Better Way to Have the Body You Want. Where do people get that book? Anywhere? Amazon?

Dr. John Jaquish: Amazon, just go to Amazon.

Brad Lea: I’d go get that book, folks, only because not only does he say it and state it, but damn near every case study proves it. What are the other docs saying about this? Any strength coaches calling you full of shit or anything?

Dr. John Jaquish: I actually got an endorsement from the Miami Heat strength coach, who’s in the Strength Hall of Fame. So it’s a very scientific book. It’s not written to be scientific, but I back up everything I say with academic research. And there’s 250 academic studies that are referenced. One of them is yet to publish because I got accused of, like I said that in about one study, is a study that I call out, think it was somebody from NASA. And it was about a bone density.

Dr. John Jaquish: It was done using my invention and so funny, I say this about one out of 250 studies, and it’s like, “Oh, all this is unverified.” Because trolls will say anything, yeah. So yeah, everything is well supported, and I really needed to create one source of information, where all of this was, so people could really understand, oh, okay, the way variable resistance can be applied at a very high level, is ridiculously superior to weight training. You’re going to see far less injuries, far more growth, and you’re going to be able to apply it to much larger populations, to much older populations.

Dr. John Jaquish: Previously, if the average, let’s say 45-year-old goes and approaches a bodybuilding coach and says, “I want to put on 30, 40 pounds of muscle. I want to look like Mr. Olympia.” What most coaches will say is, “Yeah, you should have started on that dream like 20 years ago because it’s not going to happen for you now.” You can get in better shape, you’ll be able to see your abs, but you’re not going to get big, not at this age. And it’s because of the limitations. Like weightlifting is an awful stimulus, you under load muscle. I’m going to Peter Attia here. You know Dr. Attia?

Brad Lea: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: Really famous guy. He’s now more of a researcher and author than a practicing medical doctor, a very smart guy. And he said on multiple occasions, the problem with weightlifting is you overload joints and under load muscle. Well, X3 Bar portable home gym does the opposite. It overloads muscle and under loads joints. So that you stimulate the muscle and you don’t create any joint damage.

Brad Lea: I can see how that works. Like I said, my buddy, he’s broke down now. He was Mr. Muscle Head, walking around with all the other muscle head buddies of mine when we were growing up. And I went to the gym with them, but I wouldn’t, “Come on, seven more.” “No, no, I’m good.” I’d say, “I listen to body.” They’d make fun of me. I’d listen to my body. Well, now they’re all broke down and that makes perfect sense because the joints were doing most of the damage and the muscles weren’t getting enough, even though they were growing.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right, but that’s a short run-

Brad Lea: And the longterm problem.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I mean like if you’re running a marathon and you start sprinting, you’re not going to finish the marathon. And last I checked, you want life to go on.

Brad Lea: Well the key to the end of the book title, The Way To Have The Body You Want, that’s the thing. I think people are convinced that they have to go destroy their body, and tendons, and joints in order to look the way they want to look. And what you’ve proven, is that’s total bullshit.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I’ve definitely proven that.

Brad Lea: Now, if you guys already are like, “Dude, I got to check this out,” and you’re sitting at a computer. Where’s the X3 system website?

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Dr. John Jaquish: and then if somebody wants to learn about me,

Brad Lea: You got

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: Is it D-O-C-T-O-R?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, D-O-C-T-O-R, the letter

Brad Lea: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Dr. John Jaquish: And I think Julius Erving has been fishing for a number of years and he just gave it up, yeah.

Brad Lea: Well, and you can keep it because you’re not cyber squatting, you are Dr. J.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I am Dr. J, so sure.

Brad Lea:, X3bar, just like the X, number 3, bar,

Dr. John Jaquish: Correct.

Brad Lea:, this is ultimately a base and some bands. Some real thick, quality bands. Do those bands ever break? I was wondering like if I leave these out in the Vegas sun, are they going to deteriorate faster?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yes, everything deteriorates faster in the Vegas sun. People deteriorate faster in the Vegas sun.

Brad Lea: Yeah, you ain’t lying.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I know. Yeah, the Vegas sun-

Brad Lea: Well, I’m 27. Look at me.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah right.

Brad Lea: But the cool part about your thing is like, it doesn’t take up any room.

Dr. John Jaquish: No, it fits in a backpack.

Brad Lea: Yeah, it’s unbelievable and it doesn’t feel like it works, but it’s working. The other day my wife grabbed my arm, she said, “Oh.” I’m like, “What?” She goes, “I can always tell when you’re working out again.” And I’m like, “I’m not really working out, I’m just using those bands.” And she’s like, “Dude, you’re-”

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, the bands, so the bands I typically ask people not to describe it as bands because bands by themselves don’t really do anything because they’re very light.

Brad Lea: Well, there’s a bar too.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh yeah. But let me get to that. The problem with bands as they exist, the bands that exist today were developed for rehab. So they’re very lightweight. When you get a band heavy enough, and let’s say you throw it around your back and you start doing push ups with it. If it’s heavy enough to give you a strength benefit, it’s probably heavy enough to break your wrist too because you’re twisting your wrist as the band wraps around the outside of your wrist, your hand is being rotated outward and it doesn’t like that.

Dr. John Jaquish: So you’ll either have neural inhibition and not be able to complete a single rep, or you might actually break your wrist. That’s why we needed an Olympic bar and a second ground to stand on, to keep the small bones in the wrists and in the ankles protected. Once you do that and keep them neutral, they can create incredible forces when kept neutral. So when I do a chest press, I’m holding 540 pounds for repetitions, 20, my best is like 28 repetitions with 540 pounds. And I grow so fast with this.

Brad Lea: And you don’t need a spotter.

Dr. John Jaquish: No.

Brad Lea: And you can’t get really hurt because if you just-

Dr. John Jaquish: No, you just stop.

Brad Lea: Well I mean, if you go to failure, you just can’t go any more and you release. There’s like it doesn’t fall on you.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right and you’re supposed to use diminishing range. Like the first 15 to 40 repetitions are full range and then you kind of march backwards. So the last repetition, you can’t move, it’s like an inch and then-

Brad Lea: And it doesn’t take much time. You’re not doing them for an hour.

Dr. John Jaquish: No, workout is 10 minutes.

Brad Lea: So you see, so I don’t get it. There’s people-

Dr. John Jaquish: No, people asking me if I’m in the NFL all the time, or if I’m a UFC fighter or something like that. I’m a lean 240 pounds, you can see all my abs perfectly. And like, “Oh, so what’s your workout like?” And I tell them, “10 minutes, I workout at home.”

Brad Lea: And they’re like, “Bullshit.”

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, I say it in a way where I probably look pretty serious and then like, “Well, explain that. How does that work?”

Brad Lea: Is that why they’re flying off the shelves?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I think so.

Brad Lea: Dudes, well dudettes too, what about women because again, my wife did ask, “What do I do with them?” I said, “I don’t know.”

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, women are very happy with the product.

Brad Lea: Will it build muscle?

Dr. John Jaquish: It’ll build muscle in a feminine way. It’s funny, the most admired female bodies are strong. They’re not soft and weak.

Brad Lea: Yeah well everyone’s got their own taste, but when I see those girls that are like, they look like dudes with long hair, working out. To me it’s like that’s not necessarily attractive. Just to me though.

Dr. John Jaquish: No, there’s two things going on when you see a woman like that. She’s either in pre contest, so she’s very lean and very dehydrated, very depleted. So you’re almost looking at like a skinned cadaver. I mean, male bodybuilders don’t like look all that great either. Ask a woman what she thinks of the guys who are on stage. And it’s like, “What the hell is wrong with them?” But that’s part of it and then the other part is a lot of physic competition has some male driven synthetic hormones in it, which are illegal chemicals. A lot of-

Brad Lea: Steroids?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, steroids. So a lot of women take those.

Brad Lea: What if you’re on T therapy, you’re older, you’re getting some testosterone, are you grow even more?

Dr. John Jaquish: Great question, WebMD defines testosterone therapy as being the same as natural. Now, is there an advantage to testosterone therapy? Not per se, but if you’re at a deficit, then it will bring you back to a normal muscle building ability. So like when somebody said like there’s people on the internet kicking and screaming about everything, it’s just sort of like tantrum city. You open up Facebook or Instagram-

Brad Lea: Especially Facebook.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh yeah. Just everyone’s like an adult two-year-old. I don’t know what happened.

Brad Lea: Well, I’ll throw some shit on Instagram and get nothing but rave reviews. My team will throw that over on Facebook, thinking another place to put it.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: Dude, bunch of cry baby bitches. It’s unbelievable, dude. I think Facebook has more, let’s say snowflakes.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah, it depends what it is. I think a political inflammation is worse on Facebook. There’s a lot of reading in Facebook and I don’t think the fitness, the traditional fitness and bodybuilding community is really good at reading. I’m serious because the most fitness information is found on YouTube and Instagram, video and pictures. That’s illiteracy.

Brad Lea: Obviously diet is important, yes?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yes, yes and I cover that in the book. My diet is probably something I’m equally as criticized for because it’s pretty unconventional. I pretty much-

Brad Lea: What is it?

Dr. John Jaquish: I tell people to eat meat and that’s it.

Brad Lea: That’s it?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup.

Brad Lea: It’s funny that you say that because I always say I’m on keto, which I’m not really because I don’t do the fat measurements, but I eat meat. Meat, vegetables, I’m not worried about fat, but meat, vegetables is pretty much all I eat when I’m dieting. And I drop weight fast, I feel better, I have all the energy in the world. People say, the keto flu. I never get that. I think I’m thriving on the keto, or paleo, more meat diet.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, the paleo books make some mistakes, but the original idea of paleo is eating like your ancestors did. Making it very seasonal. Like when do carbohydrates exist in nature?

Brad Lea: In vegetables, plants.

Dr. John Jaquish: Let’s say we were in a native tribe her in Vegas, and we knew where the peach trees were, when would there be peaches?

Brad Lea: I don’t know, I’m not a fucking herbologist, but once a year, don’t they grow every year?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. Yeah. But, dude, it would only be at the end of fall. And so when, sorry, I blindsided you with that.

Brad Lea: How do you know?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, I looked into it, dude.

Brad Lea: Yeah, I don’t know when are peaches blooming.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah, peaches come out kind of towards the end of the warm season and we would only have access to them right before the winter, where it would be advantageous to be fatter. It’s a survival mechanism. So we would gorge ourselves on peaches, we’d stop hunting deer, and rabbits, and we’d eat the peaches. And we get a little bit fatter and so we went without food in the winter time, we could live off our own body fat for days. You can go for a month without food if you have a serious amount of adipose tissue, so fat. But it also keeps you better insulated, so fat people are kind of cold proof.

Brad Lea: There’s more to love.

Dr. John Jaquish: Well yeah, sure.

Brad Lea: They also get less opportunity in business and life.

Dr. John Jaquish: They do, yeah, yeah.

Brad Lea: I keep telling people. They’re like, “You can’t say that.” I’m like, “Dude, it’s just the truth.” If I’m interviewing and-

Dr. John Jaquish: There’s research on that.

Brad Lea: Yeah and a big, huge, fat person walks in versus a buff person, you just naturally think, because well look, I mean, I’m looking for someone to come help me. I want the person with the discipline, with the labor. So it’s like it’s a bummer because I’ve been fat, not that fat. But as I’m fatter, dude I’m telling you, my opportunities, less people look, less people talk, less people admire.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh yeah, yeah and here’s another thing you hear, especially women complain about like, “Oh, I put all my body fat in my thighs, or in my butt, or in my neck,” or whatever. It’s like, “Okay, well I got an answer for you. I got exactly what you need.” And they’re like, “Really? What is it?” I’m like, “Just be lean.” Because everybody looks the same when they’re lean. It doesn’t matter where you deposit body fat if you’re lean.

Brad Lea: Yeah, but that is true, you can deposit body fat in certain places, right?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, it’s more genetically linked-

Brad Lea: Because like right here.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, guys like sort of over the kidneys kind of area.

Brad Lea: And to get rid of all of it, you just got to get lean down to what percentage of body fat?

Dr. John Jaquish: It depends, probably seven.

Brad Lea: You ever see those skinny fat dudes?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, like vegans? Yeah.

Brad Lea: They’re like skinny, but when they rip off their shirt, they still look fat, and soft.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, they’re soft and they have cellulite on their chest.

Brad Lea: Now, you take a guy like that right now, you personally train him for 90 days, using the X3 Bar system.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Dr. John Jaquish: And they eat what I tell them to eat?

Brad Lea: And they eat what you tell them, what would they look like?

Dr. John Jaquish: Infinitely better. They’d look like-

Brad Lea: Like night and day.

Dr. John Jaquish: Night and day, night and day.

Brad Lea: See, how come people don’t, do you have a challenge of any kind?

Dr. John Jaquish: No, I really haven’t done… I got to do that, I know.

Brad Lea: Well yeah, because number one, you want to sell more systems I’m sure.

Dr. John Jaquish: Sure.

Brad Lea: That’ll sell a system. The 90 day X3 workout bar system challenge and boom, they got to buy a system of course. And the whole, I guess, mental advantage of a challenge is, people want to challenge. I don’t know why that is. It’s just inherent.

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s a contest, they want to win.

Brad Lea: Because what I’m thinking as I’m sitting here, talking to you it’s like because I just got the shit, if you showed me exactly what to do, exercise-wise, I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll get home, I’ll take the whole before and afters because right now, I don’t look bad with my shirt off. But I’m definitely not Mr. Freaking Kick Ass Looking. And I’ll do it for 90 days. I can eat tuna out of a can for a year, I just have that ability. So you show me what to do, on this day do this, this, this, this, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. I’ll do it in the morning, 10 minutes, I’ll do it before I go to bed, 10 minutes for 90 days. And I’ll be your before and after, bro.

Dr. John Jaquish: All right, you really going to stick to it?

Brad Lea: Well yeah, otherwise I’d be screwing you and myself. But yeah, I’ll stick to it because dude-

Dr. John Jaquish: I’ll tell you, you’re in for a great ride because once you do the diet and the superior exercise X3 Bar variable resistance training system it’s like people will within two weeks be like, “What are you doing?” You look completely different.

Brad Lea: Well, that’s what I want because again, I’ve procrastinated so many times on getting in shape, it’s like I’m not saying anything this time. I’m just going to do it. And I don’t want to be like Schwarzenegger, I want to be more like just lean and sizable. I weight 230 right now and last time I got in shape, I’ll show you before and after, after this, I went from 230 to 230. I never dropped weight, I just transitioned it. It was crazy, everyone kept saying, “What do you weigh now, man? You look great.” Same amount.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah. Oh, so you were in really good shape, if you got lean at 230, that’s-

Brad Lea: Yeah well, I didn’t get lean, lean, I went and did the whole body displacement or water displacement. I got to 10 and a half body fat.

Dr. John Jaquish: Okay, that’s not-

Brad Lea: Which is pretty lean.

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s all right, yeah.

Brad Lea: Pretty lean for me.

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s leaner than the top 1% of America.

Brad Lea: You could see the top four abs, starting to see the bottom ones.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, slightly outline of the bottom ones?

Brad Lea: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right, yeah, that’s great.

Brad Lea: But I was in the gym, and on the freaking treadmill, and on the freaking StairMaster. Like, dude, I hate that shit.

Dr. John Jaquish: Eating tuna out of cans, yeah.

Brad Lea: Yeah, I didn’t like it at all. This book title, Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There is a Better Way to Have the Body You Want. I hate cardio, but the dudes that I know that are buff, they don’t do cardio either. They say, “Screw the cardio.”

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah. Well cardio gives you the opposite of what weight training does. It upregulates cortisol like in a chronic perspective. The problem with that, there’s no such thing as a bad hormone. So I don’t want to say, you don’t want cortisol. Cortisol exists for a reason. You get up in the morning, your cortisol goes up. That doesn’t mean you should stay in bed all day. So a lot of the fitness is kind of just silly people, the gurus that really don’t know what they’re talking about. Like cortisol’s the bad hormone, growth hormone’s the good one. No, but if you chronically upregulate your cortisol, meaning, it doesn’t fluctuate, it just goes up, you do that with cardio.

Dr. John Jaquish: And cortisol really does two things, well it’s an inflammatory to kind of slow you down and stop you. But it also diminishes muscle mass, so it forces you to metabolize the muscle you have. And it is protective, this is the important part, protective of body fat. So it keeps you fatter longer. So these women who go into the gym and they just do like an hour of cardio a day, they’re actually doing the opposite of what they should be doing. They just guaranteed that their body fat is going to stick around longer than if they just did fasting or even calorie restriction, which I’m not really a fan of. The fasting is superior.

Brad Lea: But when you’re eating just meat, dude, you could eat tons of it and feel hungry still.

Dr. John Jaquish: You think so?

Brad Lea: I mean-

Dr. John Jaquish: If it’s too lean. If you try and do like chicken breast, oh yeah, you’ll stay hungry. But you go for like regular, normal fat cuts-

Brad Lea: What’s your normal meal?

Dr. John Jaquish: Two or three pounds of like New York steak or sirloin.

Brad Lea: I wonder that looks like though, two or three pounds, is that a lot?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: I don’t order shit by the pounds. I just say, “Give me a steak.” What’s a normal steak? Is that a half pound?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, like probably eight to 10 ounces is a normal steak.

Brad Lea: And you’re ordering three of those.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh no, more than that.

Brad Lea: Four of those?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: Four steaks a meal?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I only eat one meal a day though.

Brad Lea: Oh really?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: Why is that?

Dr. John Jaquish: It doesn’t matter when you get your nutritions. You grow when you sleep.

Brad Lea: Really?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: You cannot grow when you’re awake, or you just don’t?

Dr. John Jaquish: You can, but it’s a little slower. There’s been a couple of studies looking at the timing of nutrition and they were specifically looking at muscle protein synthesis. So what they would do is they would look at somebody who was trying to grow muscle and they ate five meals a day versus a person who ate one meal a day. But the same exact calories, and macros, and same meals. Same, but just one person’s getting it all at once. They grew exactly the same amount of muscle.

Brad Lea: How much faster do you think the muscle grows on your system, using the X3 Bar?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, the reason we called it X3 Bar resistance band bar system was because there was a study that showed strength going up, it measured strength, not mass. But everyone knows that when you get stronger, you’re putting on mass. Nobody says you need to shrink muscle to get stronger, that’s obvious.

Brad Lea: What about density though?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, and there’s also what percentage of the muscle growth is what’s called sarcoplasmic versus myofibril, which is density is myofibril, sarcoplasmic is more volumization. So more like contract our fuel in the cell, like your sort of gas tank of your cell is bigger. So there’s really the two ways to grow muscle from a mechanical viewpoint of looking at the actual tissue and then there’s other aspects of that too. Like trying to suppress myostatin with kind of locking blood out of the muscle, that is another principle. So ultimately you can… What was the question? I went a path and I’m like, I’m getting too detailed here.

Brad Lea: Well here’s another question, cardio for the heart, no?

Dr. John Jaquish: Ah, there’s a meta-analysis that I reference in the book, which references over 100 other studies. So a meta-analysis is like a combination of multiple studies on the same subject. You can make your heart just as healthy lifting weights than you can with cardiovascular exercise. So there’s a myth that somebody who does strength training has poorer cardiovascular health. And I’ll tell you where the myth came from. You can see this when you take a muscular athlete, like you ever been to the Munich Airport, there’s stairs everywhere. You get there and you got to change flights, so I usually go through Munich to go to Moscow.

Dr. John Jaquish: And I was with a guy who was working with me, he’s a really skinny guy, like a marathon kind of guy. We’re running up and down the stairs to go through immigration, you have to go through some Russian security before you get on a plane to Moscow. Then you got to get your bag, and then they got to look at your bag, it’s just running up and down these stairs, whoever designed the Munich Airport, I want to throw that guy down one of those flights of stairs. It’s a terrible airport.

Dr. John Jaquish: But I’m like out of breath because we’re hustling because our plane came in late and we want to make our connecting flight. And so I’m out of breath and the guy’s like, “God, I thought you had good cardio.” And I’m like, “I do, my legs are four times bigger around than yours are, so when they contract, they need more blood. So it’s just the size of the engine.” You drive around the block in a Lamborghini, a 5.2 liter V10 your mileage is not going to be the same as your Honda Civic. It’s just the size of engine. So it doesn’t mean poor health, it means you’re not built for endurance because you haven’t been doing endurance type exercise.

Brad Lea: But the harm, well not harm, but should someone do cardio, in your opinion?

Dr. John Jaquish: No, I mean, unless their goal is to be like a distance runner. Like if you want to be a great marathon runner, you got to run marathons, there’s no way around it.

Brad Lea: Or if you want to be a boxer.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup.

Brad Lea: Or a fighter of any kind, you better have some wind.

Dr. John Jaquish: Well yeah, but you can get that from strength training and boxing endurance type training. You don’t need to go out and run. But yeah, I mean, ultimately if your objective is to exert energy at a certain rate for an extended period of time, you must train accordingly because you don’t want to put on a bunch of muscle mass. Every once in a while, like when the UFC was new and it was a lot more fun when it was new because there was some weird stuff that happen. Like there was some bodybuilder guy who decided to become a fighter and this guy was like 260 pounds and he looked like he was ready for a bodybuilding stage.

Dr. John Jaquish: And Joe Rogan was making the comment, like when blood starts pumping to that guys muscle he’s going to practically blackout. And because Joe’s really explaining the research, but he’s not making research references, he’s just saying a big muscle draws a lot of blood and makes it seem like you don’t have endurance. And sure enough, this guy, he lasted like 30 seconds, he wore himself out and then he was useless and lost. And then I never saw that guy again. But it’s just an example of if you are designing your own body and strength training or even more specifically, X3 Bar resistance band training system really targets a very high speed, high power athlete. And then all of a sudden you throw the athlete in a totally different situation, they’re not going to excel.

Brad Lea: Yeah, they’re not conditioned.

Dr. John Jaquish: Not for that, right.

Brad Lea: The question before this one was how much faster, you said that’s why we call it X3 Bar.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh thank you, yeah.

Brad Lea: So three times, I would imagine.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right, so the research showed strength gains were faster in the same period of time with collegiate athletes. So already developed people, people who are much harder to stimulate strength in. I like that study because a lot of studies will take people who have never exercised before and it’s like, well okay, you made somebody stronger who’s never worked out before, that’s pretty easy. They call it beginner gains. It’s really easy to make somebody who’s never trained stronger, but an already strong person, harder.

Dr. John Jaquish: So already collegiate athletes and they divide them into two groups, one did regular training and they measured their strength output changes. And one did variable resistance training. To a small degree, so they would put bands and weights together. They got stronger at triple the speed, so that’s why I called it X3 Bar variable resistance training system. Muscle mass isn’t so measured in research because the mass itself doesn’t really create a performance difference, sometimes it’s a performance detriment, unless you want to be heavier, like in football. But it’s still not really what’s measured.

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Brad Lea: Yeah, but let’s say I have 16 inch arms and I want 21 inch arms, is it genetics, or is it just time?

Dr. John Jaquish: I’d say it’s time and nutrition before it’s genetics.

Brad Lea: So a lot of people can get big arms if they want them.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup.

Brad Lea: Because if I’m listening to this, I’m thinking, “Shit, dude, 10 minutes versus an hour in the gym minimum, 40 minutes minimum, 10 minutes. Time is valuable nowadays, I think people are waking up to that, especially in the entrepreneur space. You’re building a business, dude, you save 30 minutes working out, that’s huge.

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s huge, every day. Yeah, 30 minutes every day, that’s like a difference between somebody who succeeds and somebody who doesn’t.

Brad Lea: That’s huge, so this takes 10 minutes, you don’t get sore, or you don’t get as sore?

Dr. John Jaquish: If somebody’s a non exerciser and they start using it, they may be a little tender for like the first week, that’s it. But not limiting. You can do an X3 Bar exercise band bar system session and then the next morning, go out and play golf and you will not be hindered at all.

Brad Lea: Okay, so it’s 10 minutes, you don’t get sore, you get strong faster than going and wasting time in the gym. It’s proven study or case after case. Where’s all the referrals, I mean not referrals, people going, “Holy shit.” Testimonies.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh, the testimonies, yeah, they’re on the website. They’re on Yeah, and I try not to be the guy who comes on podcasts and pitches a product. I mean, you’re asking the questions, so sure I’m answering. But I would urge people to get the book because what I’m saying sounds crazy.

Brad Lea: Too good to be true.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, too good to be true.

Brad Lea: Doesn’t sound crazy, it’s like, “Oh yeah right, come on, dude. That sounds like a shortcut. Everyone always told me there’s no shortcuts in life.” When there are, I already tell people that. But, dude, this sounds like a no brainer. I don’t even know how much it is, I think I paid under five, 600 bucks, I know.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, it’s 550 and then there’s another band-

Brad Lea: Okay, but a gym membership, bro, is like more than that, and you don’t even use it.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: So this is one time, I don’t just keep paying you every month.

Dr. John Jaquish: Well also, if somebody gets a home gym, they get a rack, and bars, and weights. You’re spending three or $4,000 and they lose like a parking spot in their garage.

Brad Lea: Yeah, but nowadays, bro, the weight shot through the roof when COVID hit.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh, that’s true. Yeah, home equipment.

Brad Lea: Home equipment was ridiculous.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, it sure is.

Brad Lea: My buddy just put a little spot, I mean he did a pretty good job, but he spent 30,000, couldn’t even find them. Yours, under a nickel, works better than all of those equipment put together and in a fraction of the time. No pain, no ligament, tendonitis because here’s another thing, I go to the gym and I start getting this freaking pain right here, right here in this like-

Dr. John Jaquish: In the elbow, yeah.

Brad Lea: And I don’t know what it is, but I’ll tell you, when I get pain in my body, I stop. People laugh at me, just got to work through that. I’m like, no, to me, if your body’s in pain, it’s telling you stop doing that. That’s what pain is, it’s a signal to say, you’re damaging yourself.

Dr. John Jaquish: That is true. Yeah right, if you get glass stuck in the bottom of your foot, do you go, “Oh, I’m just going to power through this.”?

Brad Lea: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: Or do you stop and pull the glass out?

Brad Lea: Yeah, I stop and I-

Dr. John Jaquish: Right and if joints are giving you pain, it’s the same kind of thing. Just stop.

Brad Lea: It’s a signal, too heavy, too many times, something.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup.

Brad Lea: So I can’t stress enough, if this is like, this is all fact and it is. I mean, I can’t personally say, “Oh, I’ve done it.” Because I’m just starting. But I can say I looked at your website and researched the shit out of you before I bought it. I can tell you right now, dude, this is probably the new thing. It’ll replace-

Dr. John Jaquish: It’ll replace weight training, absolutely, yeah.

Brad Lea: Yeah, so what do you think of the gym business? Are they just going to all have your system on the decks out there when you show up?

Dr. John Jaquish: I think some of them will. What I’m hoping for is that gyms start having the product and personal trainers are actually forced to instead of depending on the machines that are easy to use, but ineffective, really connecting with their clients and getting them to use that right. And they’re going to see much better results because it functions more like free weights, the experience of working with someone in X3 Bar resistance band bar system is just much better. Because for somebody who’s not fully educated on how it works, if they hire a trainer instead of going and watching the videos or whatever, there’s a great level of connection from client to trainer.

Dr. John Jaquish: And I think that will be a more enjoyable experience because right now training to take somebody over to the light press, pick a weight that they know is appropriate for whatever they perceive the person’s strength and they’re reading Instagram while the person’s going through repetitions. They don’t have to be that involved because the machine’s sort of so basic, they don’t really have to pay attention. That’s not a good thing, it’s a bad thing.

Brad Lea: What about targeting? Like in other words, I want big, softball looking deltoids, do the system touch every body part?

Dr. John Jaquish: Every body part.

Brad Lea: So if I want the traps that look like freaking boom, there’s something that hits those, there’s something that hits the delts, that something that hits the triceps.

Dr. John Jaquish: Absolutely, yeah, everything.

Brad Lea: So there’s nothing that’s missed, you can get big ass legs, tight ass glutes?

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s right.

Brad Lea: That’s what I got to work on. My wife doesn’t think I can develop my glutes.

Dr. John Jaquish: All right, well you can.

Brad Lea: Well, I’m going to.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah and you better show her every day. Yeah, you tell her I said that.

Brad Lea: Dude, what about vascularity?

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh, that’s a function of how lean you are. And not everybody loves that. I like it when it looks like there’s lightning bolts going through my chest, I think that’s awesome.

Brad Lea: Not the chest, but I’d take definitely the forearms.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ll get that.

Brad Lea: And the one that goes right through there.

Dr. John Jaquish: Through the bicep, yeah. Yeah, yeah. That’s almost unavoidable.

Brad Lea: Really?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: Why do you think that is? Just because it’s leaning you out?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, because you do drop a lot of body fat, there’s a huge influence on growth hormone based on the self stabilization firing. This is why free weights work better than machines, because of self stabilizing, firing of muscle.

Brad Lea: That’s another thing, you know how sometimes you step on those things and it’s like you feel the shakiness that you don’t feel on other systems. Is that, that?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: What are they, small twitch, or stabilizer muscles firing?

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s just stabilizer, it’s actually a different set of muscle. Like the front of your shin, that muscle doesn’t fire when you’re using a machine. But when you’re balancing yourself, doing toe raises, oh yeah, that is heavily involved. That’s the antagonist, that’s what keeps you from falling. And when that becomes active, then growth hormone goes up by a lot. If you add weight to that self stabilization, beyond 2,000%.

Brad Lea: Some why would you get into this? What made you think there’s a better way of doing this? Because you must have lifted weights before.

Dr. John Jaquish: I did and I didn’t get hardly anything out of it. People would say, if I took my shirt off like, “Oh, you workout. Good job.” But it wasn’t like it is now, where I’ll walk into a grocery store and somebody will be like, “Oh my God, you’re in the NFL?” Or my favorite one is, “Can I have your autograph?” And I’m like, “Who do you think I am?” And they’re like, “I don’t know, but you’re probably in the NFL, or you’re probably a UFC fighter.” And I’m like, “No, I’m a scientist.” But I’ll sign something for you. They’re really thrown off by that scientist thing like, “What?” But anyway, it gets a lot of attention, what kind of shape I’m in. And it’s very starkly contrasted from when I lifted, I didn’t really look like anything when I lifted. And it’s part of the reason I reference a lot of the research on the average conditioning or even the top 1%. Top 1% of males in The United States are 10.9% body fat, that’s the best and that’s really not that impressive. You were 10.6 and you still were not all that-

Brad Lea: 10.5.

Dr. John Jaquish: Okay, 10.5, you sure? Because you said 10.6 about 15 minutes ago.

Brad Lea: I said 10 and a half.

Dr. John Jaquish: Okay, 10 and a half, that’s better. Okay, yeah, that’s a lot better than-

Brad Lea: And I looked pretty good. But no, dude, I still had a long way to go in my opinion.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right, it’s not like if you took off your shirt at the beach someone would go, “Oh my God.”

Brad Lea: Yeah, nobody did that. But they did say, “Oh my God,” because it was me. I’ll show you the before and after. The before looked like I needed a open heart surgery wound on my chest. In other words, it looked like someone took a butter knife and just smeared my pecs down. In other words, it was like, dude, you were just like-

Dr. John Jaquish: You looked like a melted ice cream cone, I got it, yeah.

Brad Lea: I did, and then let’s say five months later, I had shape. It was like boom, like, “God dang, dude, you look good.” But I didn’t have the bottom abs, this was still there a little bit. I didn’t like it, I probably had two to three percent to go, to be ripped.

Dr. John Jaquish: Sure, yeah, there’s a huge different between 7%.

Brad Lea: Seven and 10, there’s a huge difference.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, a huge difference.

Brad Lea: Is that healthy, walking around at 7%?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup, absolutely. Your body starts to fight you a little bit, becomes a little more challenging beneath seven from everything I’ve taken in, in my own personal experience. But think about this, the leanest 1%, and one of the premises of the book is that this industry, the fitness industry, and the nutrition industry has completely failed. Fitness is probably the most failed human endeavor. The leanest people are not even that lean or impressive and one in six over the age of 18, have used anabolic steroids, or are currently using anabolic steroids. So clearly that’s not doing enough. If that many people are using performance enhancing drugs and they all still look like nothing, why be protective of the way things have been done? There is no orthodox way of doing this because it sucks, obviously. This is like a lower than 1% success rate. So would you invest with a firm that lost 99% of the investment funding? Probably not. You would not invest in that company.

Brad Lea: Not ideally, no.

Dr. John Jaquish: No and when I look at the fitness industry, it is so failed and yeah, you can say, well, there’s also the self control with nutrition and things like that. Okay, I would also say, I’m quoting the CEO of OsteoStrong. He says, “The best diet is the one you’ll follow.” I love that because it points out, you can you be unreasonable about your dietary recommendations and produce a set of nutritional principles that will get one 10th or 1% of people fit and everybody else frustrated. So when I say you kind of eat steak and then because you have no carbohydrates or very little carbohydrates, your appetite is really suppressed because carbohydrates stimulate your appetite.

Brad Lea: Is that right?

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh yeah, yeah. That’s what suppresses the ghrelin and the leptin. Those are two hormones that tell-

Brad Lea: So if you eat like couple of pieces of toast, it’ll actually make you hungrier?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup. In fact-

Brad Lea: I always thought it was Chinese food.

Dr. John Jaquish: Well carbohydrates.

Brad Lea: Yeah, because I eat Chinese food, I’m hungry as shit later, but it-

Dr. John Jaquish: Some of it has MSG in it, which is a separate appetite stimulant.

Brad Lea: But that’s the same with sushi though. I’ll go get some-

Dr. John Jaquish: Rice, it’s simple. There’s actually a great nutrition program out there produced by a friend of mine named Stan Efferding, it’s called The Vertical Diet. And he uses rice to stimulate your nutrition, so you can eat more steak. And this guy’s like a 320 pound bodybuilder, he’s just a monster. And that’s who his customers are, they’re all headed in that direction also. So he uses it to stimulate, but he’s not saying there’s nutritional value in carbohydrates, he’s just saying it’s an appetite stimulant, so that’s how you should use it, which is a very interesting approach. And yeah, I like it. It’s not what I do, but I like it.

Brad Lea: What do you think like as far as somebody that just wants to be lean and strong, but not too muscular? They just don’t do as much of the X3 portable gym? Or…

Dr. John Jaquish: I would say get there as quickly as possible, and you’re doing the same thing that the NFL players are doing. The Miami Heat, the reason we got the endorsement was because Miami Heat uses X3 Bar portable home gym and now there’s a few of The Lakers, I probably shouldn’t mention the names because I don’t pay any of these guys. All the athlete endorsements, there’s over 40 of them. I didn’t pay a single penny for them. They just used the product, gave me a call and was like, “Your thing is awesome.” And I’m like, “Hey, can I put a small picture of you on the website?” “Yeah, absolutely.”

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Brad Lea: Well that’s what I was trying to figure out with how fast because in 90 days if I did it, would I be night and day different?

Dr. John Jaquish: Given where you are, I don’t know for the people who listen and the people who watch the show, Brad’s in pretty good shape now. So you’re not that far away from what you want.

Brad Lea: But not size-wise, like I’ll grow, won’t I?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, you’ll grow, but you’ll grow a lot quicker than you think. You’ll grow quicker than you probably ever experienced.

Brad Lea: Yeah, but 90 days, you can get some pretty good size, pretty decent results.

Dr. John Jaquish: I think so. There’s a group of people, usually when I take a testimonial, it’s somebody who’s put on more than 20 pounds of muscle in less than six months, which is-

Brad Lea: Which is lightening fast.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, that’s just unheard of.

Brad Lea: With no steroids.

Dr. John Jaquish: No steroids.

Brad Lea: But that is eating clean.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yup.

Brad Lea: And what’s this Fortagen?

Dr. John Jaquish: Ah, so Fortagen is, I saw a real deficit in the nutritional supplement industry. And in a way I kind of understand because people are very, the fitness industry tends to be bargain hunters, so quantity over quality. But the problem is with the type of thing that Fortagen is, it’s an essential amino acid complex. When you buy based on price, you get something that does nothing because you might as well be eating sand. So what Fortagen is, is it’s an adaptation of a cancer supplement.

Dr. John Jaquish: It was given to cancer patients back in the late ’80s, early ’90s. And it had a lot of different chemical names before. And so what I did was, I adapted this for anabolic purposes. It’s made out of bacterial fermentation. So humans are supposed to eat rotting stuff, but we don’t for obviously sanitation reasons and you’d get sick from that kind of thing. Yeah, we have a Kombucha here, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t have the same profile. Yeah, we have Kimchi here. And if you eat Kimchi in Korea, you’ll get a lot more of it because they put it on everything.

Dr. John Jaquish: But it’s still not exactly the thing that’s quite right for muscle growth. But you are getting a serious amount of essential amino acids with fermented products. The problem is, they’re made wrong with most companies. And so most people take essential amino acids are like, “I’ve never seen a difference, I just thought I needed this for growth. But this by itself I never saw as like the growth factor.” It’s incredibly powerful because it enables you to get your nutrition in without pounds and pounds of meat.

Brad Lea: And specifically protein.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, well the essential amino acids, so the important part of the protein. Really, there is no other important part of the protein, other than the essential amino acids because in unessential ones, your body can make on their own.

Brad Lea: I know, but when I start to think, okay, I’m going to bulk up because I’ve attempted and then stopped. But you’re always reading that you need X amount of protein per pound of your body weight, so I’m-

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, one gram per pound of body weight, that’s-

Brad Lea: Yeah, so I need like 200, you got to eat your ass off to get that.

Dr. John Jaquish: Not with Fortagen, so-

Brad Lea: That’s what I’m saying. So Fortagen will give you a couple of hundred grams a day equivalent?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, each serving is the equivalent of 50 grams of protein.

Brad Lea: Damn.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah and it looks like lemonade, you can see right through it.

Brad Lea: Do you take it four times a day or something?

Dr. John Jaquish: I was taking it twice a day, so I was getting the equivalent of 100. So I only had to have like 150 grams from steak. So like a pound and a half of steak was a lot easier to take down in one meal, than three pounds, right?

Brad Lea: Oh yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: But now I’ve started to up the protein and even go down more on the actual real food.

Brad Lea: What about sauces?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, you got to watch that.

Brad Lea: Like a steak with A.1. is better than a steak without one.

Dr. John Jaquish: Man, we got to talk about steakhouses.

Brad Lea: What about like barbecue sauce?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, I mean barbecue sauce is just a melted candy bar.

Brad Lea: Really?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah.

Brad Lea: I see, what about sour cream?

Dr. John Jaquish: Sour cream is better because there’s animal fat in that.

Brad Lea: Sour cream on anything is better. But I’m following that keto supposedly, but I’m not measuring my fat, so basically it’s giving me an excuse to lather on the freaking cheese, and the sour cream, and all the shit keto gives you. But do you think there’s any validity to the keto diet?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well keto diet and carnivore diet are pretty close. Ketogenic nutrition does include, well it depends on the recommendation. I actually, I don’t like the idea of calling a diet ketogenic because ketogenesis is a principle of human physiology. Your body shifts into ketosis. So it doesn’t come from a diet, it comes your body. Another thing I do is extended fasted periods. So I’ll go 72 hours with no food. This is when I really want to drop a lot of body fat quick.

Brad Lea: Zero food, or zero solid food?

Dr. John Jaquish: Zero food.

Brad Lea: Zero nutrition?

Dr. John Jaquish: Zero, nothing.

Brad Lea: Water?

Dr. John Jaquish: I can have water or coffee. And then I can have Fortagen too because you need 50 grams, oh sorry, 50 calories to break a fast because it’s not like if you accidentally swallow a fly like, “Oh no, I ruined my fast.” No, your body’s not shifting gears into metabolizing food. So when you’re in like… what specifically was the question? I really want to get to exactly what you asked.

Brad Lea: Well, I was driving towards you basically went 72 hours without eating, or no, five days and actually gained more muscle, you were telling me-

Dr. John Jaquish: That was a Fortagen experiment, yeah. So that wasn’t a standard fast, I did four servings of Fortagen per day and I had no other food other than that.

Accelerate Muscle Growth and Recovery

Brad Lea: For five days or something?

Dr. John Jaquish: For five days, and once I rehydrate, I had five more pounds of muscle.

Brad Lea: So a lot of people will tell you if you starve yourself, you’re not going to grow shit. You starved yourself and grew.

Dr. John Jaquish: They’re wrong and there’s plenty of research that shows that a very high protein, and high quality protein diet, meaning mostly meats, you can gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time. And you’re at a caloric deficit. Now, you need to be at a protein surplus to build muscle. Protein surplus means a lot of Fortagen or a lot of animal protein and like I said, that’s hard to choke down. So that’s why I created Fortagen out of that cancer-

Brad Lea: Where do you get that?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well it’s on the website,, or

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Brad Lea: I didn’t see that.

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s there.

Brad Lea: Fortagen.

Dr. John Jaquish: Fortagen or, just click on superior nutrition.

The Ultimate Fasting Protein

Brad Lea: And last, I know you got to run, what about vegans saying that our bodies are not designed as anatomy type thing, for eating meat? We are technically, supposed to be eating nuts and berries and vegetables.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, they’re wrong. That’s total farce. And it’s obvious and for many different reasons, I wouldn’t even know where to start when I hear something like that. But I mean hey, anorexics think they’re doing the right thing too. So I think veganism will go down in history like anorexia and bulimia. It’s just a disorder, they fooled themselves. And I don’t want to pick on these people, I just think they’re misled.

Brad Lea: Well some of them are doing it because they feel bad for animals. So they’re like, I get those-

Dr. John Jaquish: You know what? They’re killing animals anyway.

Brad Lea: Who is?

Dr. John Jaquish: Vegans.

Brad Lea: How?

Dr. John Jaquish: Because any farmland, like right now, vegetable farming in The United States destroys seven billion animals a year. These are squirrels, gophers, birds. Birds get poisoned by the tens of thousands when they fly into a cornfield. They have little feeders that sit above the corn stalks and they’re full of poisoned seed. And so dead birds everywhere, and they just shovel them up.

Brad Lea: See, this is good ammunition because my daughter’s vegan.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh yeah, oh, she’s going to love this podcast.

Brad Lea: Well, she does listen to them, and I always bring her up only because she just loves animals, so-

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, let’s go down that path. Life’s wonderful, but any species that’s expanding is taking away resources from another species. So nature does not have an abundance of anything, as a balance. And that balance is really important. So the amount of vegetation that grows requires animals to eat it, so they carry the seed somewhere else, right? If nothing is eating it, the seeds never get carried anywhere and it actually doesn’t help the growth of that particular plant, from a global perspective.

Dr. John Jaquish: So resources are what we’re competing against and if you are building vegetable farms, you’re taking away resources from other animals and destroying them. And I went to high school in the Napa Valley. I saw deer being shot all the time. Not every day, but pretty close. Deer hops into a vineyard and they can’t usher it out, they can’t give it a beer and be like, “Hey, come on, you can’t be here.” They shoot it, kill it. So the wine industry, blowing deer away all the time.

Brad Lea: So that means if you drink wine, you’re supporting the deer being killed?

Dr. John Jaquish: Right, so it’s like we’re an expanding population. We’re going to take away resources from other populations of other living things. That’s just the way it works. So whether you want to eat plants or whether you want to eat animals, death is involved when your species is growing.

Brad Lea: Listen to that one. Folks, if you guys haven’t been convinced by now, that’s if you want to be kick ass looking and in shape and freaking spend 10 minutes as opposed to an hour driving to and fro. And apparently, the diet again, I mean, I’ll bet you anything if someone does the X3 system and still has a sensible diet, they’re going to get some results. They don’t have to eat 20 pounds of meat.

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, I would say Fortagen is the shortcut. That’s why I created-

Brad Lea: Is that vegan friendly?

Dr. John Jaquish: It actually is because bacteria is not an animal. So I’ll tell vegans, I’m super friendly with them, I don’t ridicule them. I tell them what they’re doing is wrong, but I mean, hey man, I’ll help you. I don’t want to pick on these guys. A lot of them think I’m-

Brad Lea: But you should come out with a vegan Fortagen, just say vegan and the vegans buy it.

Dr. John Jaquish: All Fortagen is vegan.

Accelerate lean muscle growth with the world's most effective protein

Brad Lea: And you know how many products out there that say vegan, that probably aren’t? Just when it says like sugar free. I get these sugar free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They’re sugar free, well keto-

Dr. John Jaquish: Sugar free Red Bull has sugar in it.

Brad Lea: Keto says you can have them. Well, I take the little strips, the piss strips to see if you’re in ketosis. As soon as I have a couple of those peanut butter cups, dude, it… the pink goes from dark pink to light pink. So when they say you can have those, those are sugar free. I’m thinking, who’s testing these bitches to see. You think sugar is bad?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yes.

Brad Lea: Is there any life or tip life hack, tip, hack right now, based on man, if you guys are going to do one thing listen to this and have a better life?

Dr. John Jaquish: Yes, I think in the society we live in today, conditioned to eat sweet stuff, there is a way to get away with eating low glycemic value carbohydrates. So candy and shit. The way to get away with it is having it immediately after your workout, so that it goes into muscle glycogen, and doesn’t get stored as fat. And then if you stretch muscle, and use a vasodilator, like Epimedium, or Viagra to open up your blood vessels, you can actually grow muscle faster because you’re hydrating the muscle better. And I detail this over 20 pages of the book.

Brad Lea: You should take Viagra to workout, wouldn’t that make the workout a lot harder?

Dr. John Jaquish: God, the jokes, the jokes are free. You guys should probably write that down. So it does not make the workout harder, but it does stay in your system for about seven hours.

Brad Lea: And it’s all about blood really to the muscle when you get to the end of it.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, so Viagra is not just about your genitals. It opens up blood flow to everywhere and you get that blood flowing to muscle, and you can stretch out the muscle fascia, the casing around the muscle a little bit and you can grow from a different perspective. You can actually have muscle cells split, which is a process called hyperplasia. And I detail this in the book and again, as a little bit of an apology from me, it is very scientific. But you don’t have to remember the references, you just have to remember what to do. And it’s pretty easy. You take your vasodilator an hour before you workout. You workout and you have carbohydrates afterward. And there’s some nuances of using equation, you find the exact right amount of carbohydrates, you don’t have much of an insulin event. But it really works, it’s great.

Brad Lea: Well, I’m going to be guinea pig. I’m going to do a before and after pose picture. Maybe I’ll end up on your website. I’m going to straight up do it for 90 days before and after. I’m going to just procrastinate for a week or two and then get started. As long as I know exactly what to do and exactly what to-

Dr. John Jaquish: Pass Halloween.

Brad Lea: Folks, if you guys want to follow Mr or I should Dr. John Jaquish, you just go to Follow him on Instagram at…

Dr. John Jaquish: D-R-J-A-Q-U-I-S-H, Dr. Jaquish. The best place is because that’s like a landing page that’s got links to everything, so yeah.

Brad Lea: Look him up on and go get this book, Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want. I appreciate you coming in.

Dr. John Jaquish: Thanks for having me. This is great.

Brad Lea: Folks, make sure if you hit up, hashtag Bomb Squad. Also, if this didn’t necessarily hit you because you’re already some buff dude and you think this is all bullshit, well share it out then because someone else might need to hear it, until next time.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, please kick and scream, all the trolls get a lot of business for me. So throw a tantrum, get mad.

Brad Lea: Till next time, kids. Keep it real.

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