By Net News Ledger on June 26, 2019

Dr. John Jaquish talks tech innovations in the fitness industry

Dr. John Jaquish talks tech innovations in the fitness industry

Technology has served as a yardstick to progress, modernization, and several advancements in various fields, reshaping the world as we know it, turning the impossible into possible. Several men have changed the world with their creativity and ingenuity. Dr. John Jaquish is one such individual, whose innovations speak for him.

Dr. Jaquish is a scientist and inventor who has revolutionized the biohacking industry. When his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis, Dr. John did everything he could to find a way to help her recover from her condition. His research and engineering efforts were ultimately successful and completely reversed osteoporosis for Dr. Jaquish’s mother. This project also resulted in the creation of OsteoStrong, a bone density device now available in clinics throughout the world, and Dr. Jaquish’s inventions have since helped hundreds of thousands of other people around the world. This was a revolution in terms of rebuilding bones and keeping them strong.

Dr. John shifted his focus to the fitness industry. He observed that people spend hours a day at the gym in a quest to stay fit, lose weight, and of course to build muscle mass, while many simply cannot manage to squeeze in the time. Discoveries that Dr. John had made while performing original research to aid the development of his bone density device gave him clear insight into how fitness could be improved. Based on his unique observations made during medical research into the biomechanics of impact absorption in humans, he created the X3 portable gym that turned the fitness industry upside down. The increase in strength, muscle gains, and upregulation of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) far exceeds the results achieved through conventional weight training.

Dr. John firmly believes that actions speak louder than words and chose to lead by example. He used the X3 Bar resistance band training system himself for only 10 minutes per day. He spent 2 full years, using only the X3 Bar resistance band bar system and nothing else, which yielded outstanding results. Not only did he become leaner and gain a great deal of strength, he gained approximately 45 pounds of muscle mass without any cardio.

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

X3 Bar portable home gym is also being used by professional athletes, Olympians, and sports teams such as the NBA and NFL along with thousands of consumers across the globe. The device is gradually changing the mindset of people while helping save several hours of precious time which would otherwise be spent at the gym.

His invention is a game changer as it will help regular people and office goers stay in shape. Since their busy schedules leave them either exhausted or with no time to go the gym, X3 Bar resistance band bar system will help them bridge that gap and save them the trouble of having to spend hours at the gym each day.

Dr. Jaquish believes that technology holds the key to the future. He is working on several other projects that will help the fitness industry evolve by leveraging technology and creating new solutions to the problems that people face. He has already achieved a great deal and continues to look to the future. We are certain that he will continue with his work, as tech innovations continue to re-define the fitness industry.

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