By Chicago Tribune on June 13, 2019

Dr. John Jaquish, the Tony Stark of the Fitness Industry

Dr. John Jaquish, the Tony Stark of the Fitness Industry

Many pioneers and trendsetters in this world are revolutionizing our daily lives with their ingenuity, creativity, and diligence. More so is the case in the health industry, where doctors and scientists are working relentlessly to improve the quality of human lives. Some are in the process of formulating new medicines while others are looking to enhance the way our body functions with external hacks and supports. Dr. John Jaquish is one such personality who is quickly paving his way to becoming the Tony Stark of the fitness industry.

Dr. Jaquish got his start in life sciences shortly after he was told that his mother had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. In a situation where many would ordinarily give up, John worked incessantly on a device that would help in increasing his mother’s bone density. He eventually invented a medical device that would safely stimulate the growth of new bone, also known as Osteogenic Loading, without any severe complications or injury concerns.

The device successfully reversed his mother’s osteoporosis. Following the ground-breaking success here, John dedicated four years of his life on perfecting the device with an emphasis on comfort, biomechanics, and skeletal-muscle movement. It was a part of his doctoral dissertation in Biomedical Engineering at Rushmore University and through this time, he worked with countless human subjects to enhance the usability of the device.

The end result of his efforts was OsteoStrong - a unique device meant to improve bone density, posture, and balance, fight osteoporosis, and improve athletic performance. It proved to be a massive hit and the device is now used in more than 300 clinics across the world. The device is sold under the company of the same name, where Dr. Jaquish is the Chairman of the scientific advisory committee and is working with Tony Robbins - the famous American philanthropist, who is a partner in the company.

OsteoStrong was just the start of his journey. Having helped over 30,000 people through his invention, Dr. Jaquish wanted to scale new heights and improve the quality of life even further. This eventually led him to develop the X3 Bar resistance band bar system - an avant-garde device meant to promote muscle growth three times faster than traditional means by taking muscle to a deeper level of exhaustion than possible with weights. It proved to be a state-of-the-art invention that replaces or augments people’s workout programs.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

It was a long journey that saw John experiment with fitness bands and different mechanisms to support high loads without the risk of causing strain on joints, wrists, and ankles, and injuring the user which bands by-themselves do if used alone. After months of prototyping he perfected the X3 Bar resistance band training system. This enable the worlds strongest variance, matched to normal human biomechanics, to trigger growth of muscle. His device is now used by leading professional athletes (NBA and NFL), Olympians, fitness models, personal trainers, gymnasts, police SWAT teams, among tens of thousands of others.

For his efforts, Dr. Jaquish has also been featured in Forbes, Bulletproof Radio, Google Tech Talk, Fox News, and Entrepreneur. He is also a nominee of the National Medal of Science. He strives to eliminate misinformation in the fitness world (of which there is a plethora) and present scientifically validated data with real research to enhance people’s workout and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Dr. Jaquish has published his work in various medical journals. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of American Bone Health. He is currently working on advancing the research of physical medicine from both dysfunction-care and high performance athletic perspectives."

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