January 25, 2021

Why You Should Stop Looking for X3 Bar Alternatives

A man performs a chest press with the X3 Bar
X3 Bar Alternatives

Why pay $549 (or as low as $50/month) for something when you can pay $60 and get the same result? When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

The X3 Bar has become so popular among former weightlifters and fitness abandoners that it has spawned an entire market of knockoffs and alternatives—and some of them aren’t half bad.

Unfortunately, none of them can hold a candle to the efficiency, quality, or value provided by the X3 Bar.

Tens of thousands of people have used and achieved results with the X3 training system, as demonstrated in first-hand reviews.

Due to the apparent simplicity of the X3 system, it’s safe to assume that many would try to achieve the same results without having to fork over what seems like a considerable expense.

For just a band and a resistance band bar, why pay more than $500? Simply put, the X3 is much more than just a resistance band and a bar.

So, do any of the X3 Bar alternatives come close to the original?

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

Top X3 Bar Alternatives

Low-resistance bands on the ground of a gym

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, X3 Bar should be delighted. There are no shortage of market-driven alternatives for high-performing, resistance band-based home workout systems.

The top alternatives include:

  • The Body Boss Portable Gym
  • Harambe System
  • The Gorilla Bow
  • The Tension Toner
  • Resistance band packages

Each alternative has a selling point, but none of them compare to the efficacy or durability of the X3. Let’s look at how these products stack up against the X3. And while there are plenty of terrible Amazon knockoffs, they aren’t worth mentioning at length.

As X3 inventor John Jaquish points out in his book, there’s no way around heavy. If you want to build lean muscle and burn through fat, you need to use heavier resistance.

No X3 alternative can mimic its force capabilities. In fact, others don’t come close. X3 allows users to pull over 600 lbs in the strong range of the deadlift and push over 500 lbs in the strong range of the chest press.

Most resistance band systems require extremely high volume workouts to get any results due to the limited training load. X3 differs from this norm by producing heavy loads in specific movement patterns, enabling users to get highly effective workouts in just minutes.

While Gorilla Bow claims a capacity of 300+ lbs, you have to combine four of the resistance bands included in the Ultra or Total packages to reach that level of resistance. The low-force capabilities of individual bands may hinder results.

Plus, you can only produce such force with certain exercises. You cannot perform a 300 lb deadlift or squat with the Gorilla Bow—just a chest press.

The Body Boss Portable Gym

The Body Boss Portable Gym is the closest in structure to the X3, but it fails to deliver the heavy weight offered by X3. Some users also find that this product can lack durability, making it dangerous to use. The plastic base and flimsy resistance band bar are two common concerns.

The system comes with four low-resistance bands, each producing an estimated 20-30 pounds of resistance. And the company does not sell any high-resistance bands.

Harambe System

Of all X3 Alternatives, Harambe System stands out. It’s made of high-quality materials and features a pulley-and-sling construction that appeals to some people.

The company’s most popular bundle is priced at a whopping $759. If cost is a barrier, look elsewhere. The ground plates are very heavy (14 lbs), so it’s a stretch to consider Harambe System a portable gym system.

Harambe offers two bar options, one of which is intended for travel workouts. Band handles, Serious Steel Bands, and other accessories are available on the company’s online store.

The workout program appears to promote rapid repetitions and longer sessions.

The Gorilla Bow

The Gorilla Bow is a durable option but lacks at least one critical element. This system does not come with a heavy-duty ground plate for compound movements like deadlifts. That essential feature is part of what makes the X3 a full-spectrum variable resistance training system. Some owners found the fitness bar product useful, but only after buying additional bands.

Users complain of a few critical design errors. First, the bow’s wide-angle causes the resistance bands to go slack in the weak range of some movements. Second, the tube-shaped resistance bands have been said to dig into the back.

The Gorilla Bow produces up to 350 lbs of resistance. It takes four resistance bands (sold separately) to achieve that level of force output.

In the case of Bodyboss vs Gorilla Bow, each lower budget option has something to offer; however, neither compares to X3.

The Tension Toner

The Tension Toner effectively rehabs shoulder injuries, but it’s not durable enough to provide adequate strength training. Though the product is useful, some factors make it too difficult to use.

The Tension Toner Home Workout System includes 5 latex-free resistance bands, producing a grand total of 108 lbs of resistance. If you want to build serious muscle and strength, look elsewhere.

Resistance Band Packages

Companies like Undersun Fitness and Home Pro Gym offer multiple resistance band packages with variable weight options. However, products like these are often flimsy, break, and fail to provide enough stimulus to keep users engaged mentally or physically.

However, you could have a portable workout system for hundreds less!

How can you beat that?

With a quality system backed by science.

Besides, it’s dangerous to use resistance bands alone (or with cheap accessories), as it places tremendous pressure on the joints and tendons—especially those in the wrists and ankles. To safely lift hundreds of pounds with resistance bands you need a heavy-duty resistance band exercise bar system.

Where X3 Alternatives Fail

Finally, none of the alternatives have tens of thousands of active users in an active Facebook group providing 24/7 chat, support, and encouragement. Home workout systems often fail because they lack the social interface of the gym or personal training experience.

X3 provides users with as much or as little social interaction as they desire—and no alternative has the scientific research to back up any of its efficiency claims.

X3 DIY Options Are Not Worth It

Man building a DIY X3 bar

As you search for an alternative to the X3 Bar, you may feel inspired to build your own X3 Bar. However, there are several reasons why you should abandon the endeavor.

Will an afternoon trip to Home Depot help you safely lift over 600 lbs?

Props for the creative impulse, but no.

Home exercise equipment can be dangerous even when it is professionally made. When you make the equipment by yourself, that danger only increases.

DIY home exercise equipment and homemade exercise band bars require a significant time investment. By the time you finish the process, you will likely have spent a fair amount of money as well as your precious time.

Most DIY home gym equipment projects end in failure or injury. That’s because the individuals building them lack any real engineering, construction, or functional design experience. This gives them no frame of reference for the equipment they are trying to mimic.

Lack of perspective is just one issue. If you choose to make your own exercise equipment like an exercise bar, you’ll probably find it uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, professionally made exercise systems prioritize ergonomics to ensure comfort and ease of use.

It took years of rigorous research, testing, and development for Dr. John Jaquish and his team to develop the ideal muscle-building device.

And people are trying to recreate the result of those efforts in a weekend.

DIY options are simply not worth the risk or effort.

Worth Its Weight In Layered Latex

The advantages of the X3 Bar are clear. But based on the higher price, you may still wonder: Is the X3 Bar worth it?

Eventually, the search for an alternative to the X3 Bar will prove to be futile. Despite being more expensive, the truth is that the X3 Bar Elite is well worth the upfront cost.

Perhaps the most substantial evidence for the cost-effectiveness of the X3 Bar is that it provides enough stimulus to progressively overload the muscle without causing cumulative joint damage.

When gauging the cost of X3, consider all the gym equipment you would need to perform ten different movements that completely fatigue your muscles in each range of motion.

Well, since X3 recruits and fatigues more muscle than weights can, no amount of equipment would suffice.

Unlike free weights, X3 delivers tremendous load within safe movement patterns.

The X3 variable resistance system features top-grade materials and progressive, easy-to-follow programming.

That’s worth its weight in heavy-duty layered latex.

And more.

The Ultimate Solution for MaximizingMuscle and Minimizing Body Fat

Limitations of a Gym Membership

Consider a gym membership valued at $75 monthly. Such memberships have their benefits. But with X3, you’ll never need to worry about holiday hours, unexpected closures, machine squatters, and broken equipment.

Not to mention, you can’t pack your entire gym into a suitcase for business or travel trips.

How long is your gym commute?

You can knock out an X3 Bar workout in as little as 10 minutes.

If you value your time, look no further.

Finding the right gym is also a time-consuming process that requires you to consider a multitude of factors.

So, why not simplify your approach?

Why the X3 Offers More Value

First of all, no X3 alternative can replicate the amount of force required to produce its 600 lb load.

Scientists and engineers designed the X3 Bar using the finest materials. And every X3 Bar is assembled in the USA. Competitors use cheap rubber that snaps and wears down. Jaquish Biomedical uses heavy-duty layered latex, machined aluminum and alloy steel, and other high-grade materials.

By using the best materials, the X3 can withstand tremendous torque and last for years. These materials also keep users safe from dangerous breakage under heavy loads.

Users also know that X3 inventor Dr. John Jaquish took extreme care when testing all aspects of the X3 system. This includes years of thorough research and development. For these reasons and more, there are now thousands of satisfied X3 Bar users.

Can the X3 Be Affordable?

You’ll find no shortage of options as you look for an alternative to the X3 Bar. Admittedly, many of these options are less expensive. But there is a reason for that price discrepancy.

We offer options to help make the X3 affordable to a wide range of users. Even if you can’t pay the full price right now, you have options.

An X3 Bar discount code can be helpful. But you can also explore our payment plans to pay as low as $50 a month (see Financing page for more information). After all, the X3 Bar is well worth the wait.

Is X3 the Best Band Workout System?

The X3 Bar is the best band workout system because it provides the features and quality that the competitors lack. So, what does it take to purchase an X3 Bar?

After surveying its competitors and breaking down the research, it’s encouraging to see a few somewhat reliable home workout systems under $500.

Still, only X3 stands the test of time in terms of value, durability, level of challenge, load capacity, and most importantly, results.

If you’re looking to use training time as an excuse to chat on the elliptical, the X3 won’t deliver much. But if you’re looking for serious results in strength, bone density, fat loss, and time savings, X3 is the way to go.

The Bottom Line

X3 is worth the wait if the cost is a real barrier—as it will save money in the long run and deliver on its promises.

And given the recent shift in modern-day living, having a dedicated home fitness system has never been so integral to overall health and wellness.

Some X3 alternatives are nothing to laugh at, especially if you get several additional resistance bands.

Still, their respective limitations will likely disappoint both casual and dedicated individuals with goals and gains in mind.

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