January 5, 2021

The Best Portable Home Workout Equipment for Building Muscle

New portable home workout equipment and programs are launched every year. But only one home gym system provides an optimized full-body workout using principles that have been scientifically proven to outperform weight lifting.

And no, it won’t require you to sacrifice a room in your home. Or even a closet. Meet the X3 Bar, the portable home workout system that utilizes variable resistance.

If you’re like most busy adults these days, you value your time and want quick results.

Rather than spending hours in the gym, or even an hour or two every day doing home workouts like P90X, AthleanX, or something similar, you may be looking for a more effective workout alternative, one that functions as a full gym without the actual gym.

Ideally, you’d be interested in portable gym equipment that requires less time investment and affords the luxury of working out anywhere you’d like.

The one-of-a-kind X3 Bar allows you to get an effective full-body workout without needing to leave your home—one that’s even better than what you’d get at the gym.

Below we’ll explain why, for less than a gym membership (about $50 per month), X3 is the most cost-effective, complete, and compact home gym on the market.

Achieving Maximum Results With The Portable X3 Bar

Chest press with X3 portable gym system

Believe it or not, even though it’s promoted by so many “experts,” traditional weightlifting is a lousy stimulus when it comes to promoting muscle growth.

So what’s the answer?

Variable resistance.

With variable resistance, the amount of weight you’re lifting changes as you move through different ranges of motion.

Developed by Jaquish Biomedical, X3 Bar leverages adaptive functions of the human body. It is the only variable resistance training system that offers over 600 lbs. of available force.

By providing a heavier load through the range of motion where your body is stronger and a lighter load where your body is weaker, X3 allows you to get stronger with less time invested.

Utilizing variable resistance training at home while you train can help you increase strength faster than traditional weight training.

In fact, this is precisely why we named our product “X3”—because our findings demonstrated that using variable resistance1 with heavier loads leads to greater force, and greater gains.

How is this possible?

Because this approach creates greater fatigue of the target muscle, which prompts the muscle to grow back stronger (this is the whole point of exercise).

It’s a little-known fact that humans are seven times more powerful in the strong vs. weak range. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create a product that would maximize results by progressively increasing force in the stronger range of motion.

The X3 offers lifters the highest level of variability among all portable resistance-training equipment. And the higher the variability when training, the higher the growth rate is.

The Ultimate Solution for MaximizingMuscle and Minimizing Body Fat

What Makes X3 Different Than Other Portable Home Workout Equipment?

Can one piece of portable gym equipment really replace a gym membership?

Yes, it can. And the proof is in the results shared by those who use X3 every day.

As you can probably tell by now, the X3 bar stands out from the competition because it relies on variable resistance. This is precisely what makes X3 unique and different from other portable gym equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells.

Here’s what makes X3 the best piece of portable workout equipment you can buy:

  • Portability and accessibility — You can set the X3 Bar up anywhere, including in small spaces within your home. It takes up little space and can be moved easily from room to room or taken outdoors. The X3 also packs into most checked luggage (not carry-on).
  • Saves you time — If you’re a busy professional who wants to avoid spending hours working out each week, this is the perfect piece of equipment to use since it only takes 10 intense minutes a day.
  • No monthly fee or commitment — Unlike gym memberships or online fitness subscriptions, you simply purchase the X3 one time and own it for life.
  • Simple to use — This is a powerful product, but it’s simple to begin using when you follow the program outlined on our website.
  • Well-rounded, full-body workout — It can be used to target multiple parts of the body and build strength all over, unlike some more specialized, muscle-specific equipment.
  • Science-backed equipment — The X3 has led to thousands of success stories, ranging from high-level athletes to longtime trainers.
  • An online user group — Support to help you achieve your goals quickly, safely, and effectively.
  • Safer than weights — X3 provides a high level of protection from injury. The force on joints is negligible in the weaker ranges of motion, which reduces the risk of injury.

How Does X3 Compare to Portable Home Workout Systems?

When you use free weights, you’re applying fairly even pressure on your muscles, bones, joints, and tendons. In other words, the load is the same when you start the exercise and when you finish the exercise.

On the other hand, variable resistance involves lowering the resistance during the weaker range of the lift and increasing resistance during the stronger portion of the lift.

This is key because it places less stress on your joints where you are weaker.

Instead, it requires heavier lifting where you are strongest, allowing you to push yourself with less risk for injury. Using this approach, you can maximize the force being applied to the targeted muscle, which builds strength more safely and effectively.

Just as traditional weight lifting can be a serious waste of time, using resistance bands without an exercise band bar is all but futile.

Most resistance bands are too light to be relevant for real strength training. And no other variable resistance system or resistance band bar allows you to safely lift over 600+ lbs of resistance like the X3 Bar can.

While some heavier resistance bands are marketed to lifters who are serious about building strength, you put a lot of stress on your wrists and ankles when using bands alone.

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

How Often, And For How Long, Do You Need to Use X3?

If you’re interested in investing in mobile home workout equipment, chances are you’re a busy professional, someone who likes to travel a lot, or you simply value a change of scenery during your workouts.

But there’s never enough time.

What if you only needed 10 minutes?

You’ll be happy to hear that you can see results with X3 at home (or elsewhere) with as little as 10 minutes per day of regular use.

Although using the X3 resistance bands are simple, it’s definitely not easy. It leads to such impressive results because you’re actually lifting heavier and with a greatly varied force curve, which allows you to fatigue muscle in every range of motion.

X3 enables you to complete an incredibly challenging workout in far less time—and with far better results.

While the goal is to use X3 to challenge yourself and lift heavy, you can still do this with less time invested than traditional weight lifting workouts. This translates to you having the freedom to work out anywhere and on your own schedule, without wasting any time.

Here’s what you can expect when working out at home using an X3 Bar:

  • 10 minutes per day will have you on your way to building more muscle than you ever could with weights.
  • When you purchase the X3 Elite Bar, you’ll receive a specially machined alloy steel resistance band bar with internal bearings, much like an Olympic bar.
  • Specially engineered latex bands with 50-100 times the power of typical fitness bands, producing up to 300 lbs of resistance (600+ with the X3 Elite Resistance Band).
  • To protect your ankles from extremely high forces produced by X3’s heavy-duty resistance bands, the X3 uses a steel ground plate.
  • You can perform many exercises with the X3, including some of the most effective full-body strength training exercises, such as squats and deadlifts.
  • The recommended repetition range is 15–40 full reps, followed by additional partial reps to work all ranges of motion. You only need to perform one set of each exercise since X3 maximizes the force and leads to total fatigue of the muscle.

If you’re on the hunt for portable home workout equipment, strongly consider X3.

We’ll provide you with a 12-Week X3 Workout Program to help you get started. This includes guidance for getting started, as well as more advanced techniques. Additionally, you will find tips on nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

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