July 28, 2021

Debunking Myths: Addressing X3 Bar Reviews on Reddit

X3 Reviews on Reddit

Critics have always questioned Dr. Jaquish and his experts for their unconventional approach to building strength and muscle. However, X3 bar reviews and comments stating that it’s a “gimmick” or “just a fad” are typically shared by those who have never touched the product.

Dr. Jaquish’s bold claims in his book, Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want, are particularly bothersome to personal trainers who depend on weights to make a living.

We understand that anything truly revolutionary will eventually meet some resistance. And despite a hoard of success stories, including Dr. Jaquish’s personal journey, the critics are out there.

Here, we acknowledge the skepticism surrounding X3, including the X3 Bar reviews on Reddit. Scroll below to read about the eight most common myths about the X3 and how we address each one with hard facts proven through years of research.

Myth: The X3 bar is too expensive

“I bought some $20 bands and a door anchor and, while it won’t give you as much as the X3, the [return on investment] is great.” -Reddit User

Fact: Admittedly, there is no shortage of options if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the X3 Bar. However, there are several reasons for the price discrepancy between the X3 and other competitors.

But #1 reason for the price difference is the simple fact that X3 is superior to any other training system on the market.

Here’s why we say that:

  1. The X3 Bar variable resistance system can safely deliver 600 or more pounds of load that fatigues the muscles, protects your joints, and builds muscle. What’s even better is that the X3 does this in much less time than you would need to spend at the gym to accomplish the same goals.
  2. X3 Bar provides at least double the amount of resistance that competitor brands do. Plus, with its versatility and durability, you’ll receive a much better product with the X3.
  3. The X3 Bar and resistance bands are capable of replacing an entire home gym. Because of this, it’s worth the additional expense, especially when you consider the price of a monthly gym membership. Gym membership prices, initiation fees, and private sessions with a personal trainer easily amount to more than the price of the X3. However, you’ll never have to worry about holiday closures, broken equipment, and unsanitary locker rooms.

The price of X3 is relatively low, given its comparability to gym memberships, online workout subscriptions, home gym equipment, or personal training sessions. Plus, if you can’t pay in full, financing is available through Affirm.

Myth: The X3 ground plate is a gimmick to boost sales

X3 ground plate

“The value of the X3 bar is in the bar alone. The [X3 ground] plate is an unnecessary value-added bonus to boost the price.” -Reddit User

Fact: We agree that there is significant value in purchasing the X3 bar, and we have the science to back it up. The ground plate is a necessity, not a bonus.

The X3 ground plate, made of solid steel, is the safest way to incorporate heavy compound movements into your workout program. Without it, you run the risk of injury to the smaller joints and tendons in the feet, ankles, and knees from the heavy resistance bands.

Learn more about the importance of the X3 ground plate here.

Myth: Resistance bands are less effective than weights

“Resistance bands have been shown to be less effective than weights for progressive overload. In order to build muscle and strength, constant progressive overload is the most important key.” -Reddit User

Fact: According to Dr. Jaquish, the problem with using free weights is twofold:

  1. They overload the joints at certain positions, thus increasing your risk for injury. Injuries from weightlifting are evident by dedicated lifters who share stories about lower back, shoulder, knee, and hip problems by the time they reach middle age. From our perspective, we feel that resistance training should make bodies stronger, not break them down.
  2. Free weights are ineffective. Your muscles can produce forces more than 7x the average load lifted during a typical gym session with weights. Most people who lift weights don’t even come close to reaching their full strength potential, which stunts results and slows progress. Lifting free weights limits the body’s ability to generate high forces that the muscles need to grow.

However, reaching your full strength capabilities is possible through variable resistance, aka resistance bands.

Resistance bands can match the natural strength curve of our muscles while providing high amounts of tension at your strongest range and low amounts through the weaker ranges. Because of this, the X3 can capitalize on progressive overload since it continuously challenges your muscles through increasing resistance, weight, repetitions, or a combination of those factors.

Myth: The X3 Bar variable resistance system is just like any other product

“Just get loop style resistance bands, more adaptable and more effective. [The X3 Bar variable resistance system] is fine, but it’s not any different than the half dozen other quality exercise bands on the market.” -Reddit User

Fact: We cannot stress this enough – using resistance bands alone is ineffective and unsafe.

If you want quick, injury-free results from working out, then you’ll want to lift heavy loads from high-force resistance bands. But you’re also going to need a barbell interface, like the X3, to protect your joints. Otherwise, the high forces from the resistance bands will put a tremendous amount of pressure on joints and tendons, causing dangerously poor alignment and muscle inhibition (poor inability to recruit muscle during activity).

Myth: Using the X3 Bar is a complete waste of time

Guys in a gym

“Wildly overpriced fad and an almost complete waste of time and money.” -Reddit User

Fact: Since its invention in 2015, the X3 has found a home in hundreds of clinics, rehabilitation centers, training rooms, and home gyms worldwide. There are tens of thousands of dedicated users with an incredibly active Facebook presence, so it makes it hard to label the X3 as a “fad.”

X3 is used and endorsed by many elite athletes, including professional basketball players, MMA fighters, and even a former Mr. USA.

Like we stated before, the X3 Bar will give you better results than free weights in a significantly lower amount of time. You can transform your body with less than an hour of training a week – that’s as little as 10 minutes per day.

So ideally, this would give you more time to spend with family, friends, and doing the things you love. So we’d say that this makes the X3 Bar a total time (and money) saver.

Myth: You can get the same results if you lift weights

“Seemed like a cool idea for building strength, but for around the same price I bought a power rack and weights. Why risk it? If building strength is your goal, there already exists a clear path to get there.” -Reddit User

Fact: The traditional approach to increasing reps or weight to lift heavy can have a detrimental effect on your body. It’s a well-known fact that lifting free weights overloads joints and underloads muscles.

Instead, why not opt to use heavy-duty resistance bands? With X3, you can still perform the same heavy lifts, like squats, deadlifts, chest presses, and other exercises to hit every major muscle group.

The X3 is safer for your joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Why jeopardize your body’s support mechanisms with lifting when the X3 has been proven to be more effective and safer?

Using variable resistance with heavier loads safely creates greater force and spurs greater muscular gains. The X3 works by fatiguing your muscles in ways that ordinary dumbbells or barbells cannot. Plus, it eliminates the weakest part of your range, which results in more muscle activation throughout the entire range of motion.

There is no debate when it comes to results from resistance bands vs. weights. The X3 heavy-duty resistance bands produce superior results every time.

Myth: Variable resistance doesn’t work

“180 to 200lb on a resistance bar will ever equal what a 400-500 lb [weighted] squat can do for you.” -Reddit User

Fact: Using variable resistance is what allows you to recruit muscles while protecting your joints. X3 provides far greater than 180–200 pounds of resistance.

Resistance bands work by decreasing the load on your joints when they are at their most vulnerable length. Conversely, by ensuring the heaviest loads are only present in your strongest range of motion, your joints will only be under higher loads in the positions where they can safely handle them.

Thus, heavy resistance bands eliminate the problem of lifting to match your weaker range of motion. Instead, they engage key stabilizing muscles, increase the release of human growth hormone, and accelerate fat loss while building lean muscle mass.

The only thing that a 500 lb weighted squat does for you is severely increase your risk of injury.

Myth: You can get the same results with other resistance bands

Resistance bands

“[Resistance] bands can be bought anywhere and way cheaper with a lifetime warranty.” -Reddit User

Fact: The truth is this: no X3 alternative can replicate its force capabilities. Most don’t even come close.

X3 allows you to pull over 600 lb in the strong range of the deadlift and push over 500 lb in the strong range of the chest press. With other competitors, you have to combine two or more resistance bands to reach that level of resistance. And they lack the stability or ergonomic design to deliver such forces safely.

It’s extremely dangerous to pull or push that type of resistance alone (or with cheap/handmade accessories). To safely handle hundreds of pounds with resistance bands, you need the heavy-duty X3 bar.

And lastly, Jaquish Biomedical uses heavy-duty layered latex to manufacture your resistance bands instead of cheap rubber that snaps and wears down. By using the best materials, this ensures that the X3 can withstand tremendous loads and last for years while keeping you safe from dangerous breakage under heavy loads.

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