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Little things, big changes

Little things, big changes

Sometimes little things lead to big changes. Just take a look at a smartphone. It’s a diminutive piece of plastic and silicon. But it completely changed how business is done, how communication occurs, and how people navigate the world. I mean, when’s the last time you used a paper map get where you were going?

That’s how we feel about X3. On the surface, X3 is a little fitness product. Literally. You can keep it in a desk drawer. But when it comes to performance? X3 can let you exercise every muscle in the body. It can accommodate ordinary people who have never lifted weights, and it is used by elite athletes and professional body builders.

And this small package doesn’t even represent a compromise. Again and again, we hear from customers who find that they get better results from X3 than they were ever able to achieve with their old workout programs. And some of these people had been working out for decades.

The X3 is compact AND provides better results than people saw from outdated training methodologies. And that’s what much of conventional strength training is now: outdated.

We’re not going to tell you stop using other training techniques. You might enjoy them, and you might benefit from them. Maps still work, after all.

But odds are that you can get better results out of X3 and get them in much less time. And that is what most people want.

What’s more, for many people, X3 has offered physical changes that just weren’t achievable with their old training methods. Like when someone writes in to say that they lost body fat and added muscle mass at the same time. Which they thought was impossible, because they’d never been able to do it before. That’s a real sign of innovation, from our perspective.