September 20, 2018

What If It's True?

Part of the reason we’re so confident in the X3 bar is because the customers we have so far love the product, and these early adopters have been people with extensive fitness backgrounds.

Think about it. Who is most likely to buy a new fitness product? It’s people who routinely buy other fitness products, too. So the X3 bar early adopters have been a discerning group, people who have used a lot of other fitness tools.

If the product didn’t deliver, or didn’t live up to the standards of the market, we’d hear about it.

And we do hear from these people all the time, but they tell us about how they have gotten results from X3 home gym that they never got from decades in the gym, or from their personal trainer, or their Bowflex, etc.

Results they didn’t think were possible.

We now have an “X3 Users Group“ on Facebook, which was formed spontaneously by our customers, and its grown to over 1,100 members. Those people couldn’t be more positive about our product if we paid them, and we don’t.

One executive wrote in to tell us that he “lost 20 pounds of body fat”, “gained 13 pounds of muscle”, and concluded that “At 49, I am in better shape now than I was at 29. Full stop.”

An employee at a satellite engineering company told us “I cancelled my gym membership after 3 days with the X3 bar and have never looked back. If I continued with my gym payments X3 pays for itself after next month.”

They further note that, “I have doubled my strength in each lift. The results are drastic but you get out of it what you put in.”

A Chicago Police Officer credits the X3 Bar variable resistance training system for his transition from 247 lbs and starting body fat of 45-50% to a current weight 193 lbs and body fat 19-23%, even as he increased his strength.

These are the benefits that millions of people are looking for. Since you’re on this email list, they are probably the benefits you are looking for.

Our challenge is that they really do sound too good to be true. And it doesn’t help that home fitness is really an industry that’s crowded with junk offerings and false claims.

But we have a challenge for you. What if the simplest explanation is correct? What if our hundreds of favorable user reviews and our 1,100 plus member user group are just the natural result of a product that delivers incredible benefit? If that’s true, when do you want to find out for yourself? When do you want to start getting those benefits?

We’re ready when you are.

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