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Gains Now, Payments Later

Apply for financing today and you could qualify for $0 down and 0% APR financing.

The Best Workouts, The Easiest Payments

Finance your X3 Bar purchase and pay less than the average monthly gym membership. Select Affirm as your payment option during checkout and spend as little as $51 per month and 10 minutes a day building the body of your dreams.

Money Down
per month for 12 months
APR Financing

For more information, visit https://www.affirm.com/faq.
Affirm offers rates between 0–30% APR based on customers’ credit.

Build More Muscle for Less #

The X3 Bar is the world’s most effective strength-training device. X3 utilizes the power of variable resistance to build muscle more quickly and effectively than weights, smart gyms, and other home exercise equipment. X3 does what no other home gym can, and at a fraction of the price. See for yourself.




Free Weights


Resistance band packages






Digital dumbbells kettlebells


Other " smart" gyms
10-Minute Workoutcheckmarkcheckmarkcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel sign
Joint Friendlycheckmarkcancel signcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Portablecheckmarkcancel signcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
600+ pounds of resistancecheckmarkcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel sign
No Monthly Membership Feescheckmarkcancel sign*cancel signcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel sign
Under $600checkmarkcancel sign**cancel signcancel signcancel signcancel signcancel sign

*No fees for home gyms. The average gym in the United States costs $58 per month. **For minimal equipment.

Jaquish Biomedical Financing Options#

We offer simple financing options through Affirm so you can stay focused on your X3 workouts, not your payments. Payment plans are available for Jaquish Biomedical purchases over $50, excluding supplements.

We offer payment plans through Affirm. Terms may vary; however, 3–6 month plans are typically offered at zero interest. Longer, higher interest plans are also available

Finance the X3 Bar for as low as $51 per month. Your X3 purchase includes shipping and our 12-Week X3 Workout Program. This offer is based on a total price of $549 and is not available outside the U.S. Taxes and interest separate. See https://www.affirm.com/faqs for details.

How to Pay through Affirm#

1 - Enter your shipping details and select the ‘Continue to Shipping’ button.

2 - Select ‘Affirm’ on the payment page.

3 - Once directed to the Affirm site, enter your information and select a payment schedule.

3 - Upon approval, confirm your loan and you’ll be directed back to our site for purchase confirmation.