By WBBJ 7 Eye Witness news on January 1, 1

Doctor shares tips on building muscle for older adults

Aging is often synonymous with physical decline, but Dr. John Jaquish shatters the myth that age is a barrier to fitness.

The secret to preserving youthfulness isn’t locked in our biological clock, but in our lifestyle choices.

As we age, our bodies process protein less efficiently, which can lead to muscle loss.

However, older adults can build muscle.

Staying active, eating right, and strength training keep muscles strong.

“Muscle is an engine, it’s a metabolic engine that is running twenty-four seven, even when you’re sleeping, so it’s benefitting you all the time,” Dr. Jaquish said. “That is what fitness efforts should focus on.”

One of the best ways to strength train is with variable resistance bands, because they put less pressure on your joints and reduce the risk of injury.

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