By on September 23, 2021

Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month with These Goodies

Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month with These Goodies

September is self-awareness month and national on-air beauty expert Elena Duque discusses products to boost self-care routines. Fitness is a huge part of self-care. Elena explains how Fortagen, a popular muscle-building supplement, delivers 5 times more protein than the alternatives.

It’s clean, delicious, vegan, and promises results.


Elena Duque: Yeah, I’ve actually been on a little bit of a fitness journey. I have a personal trainer and I’ve been incorporating this. I’ve lost inches and I’m really proud of myself. So what this is, it’s from Jaquish Biomedical, it’s a supplement called Fortagen and it’s vegan and it tastes delicious as you can see, it looks likes fruit punch, it tastes like fruit punch.

But what I love about it is the fact that it is like I said vegan, it’s zero carbs, zero sugar, it’s only four calories in a serving and you are getting five times more protein than you would with other standard proteins.

So this is something everyone should be using and you could go to Jaquish Biomedical to find out more. And it doesn’t taste bad and the powder dissolves right away and I find that doesn’t happen with a lot of these.

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