By Danny 'The Dark Horse' Adams on October 8, 2020

Danny Adams Interviews Dr. John Jaquish

Danny Adams Interviews Dr. John Jaquish

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Danny Adams:

What’s up guys? It’s Danny Adams again, just had some food for thought today, and I’m going a little bit in a different direction than my last few podcasts. For this episode, I wanted to discuss about this particular doctor named Dr. John Jaquish.

Now, if you guys aren’t familiar with who he is, he’s basically the founder of the X3 Bar. He also did another product called OsteoStrong. It’s basically for patients that are struggling with osteoporosis and helps with their bone density and whatnot.

So the guy is pretty interesting, I have to say. He’s got some very controversial thoughts and one of … I guess his biggest controversial idea is that Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time and so is Cardio. He actually just wrote a book on that that came out about a month and a half ago. So basically what he’s saying, he’s not saying that resistance training is a waste of time, but he’s just saying the act of weightlifting and what it does is a waste of time. Now, some of the things he says I have to agree upon as far as the things that he … What he compares to, and it makes a lot of sense. A lot of findings he does have, he backs it up with legitimate study.

So people, I think, are stuck on having this mindset of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to fitness nutrition. But I think that’s just from training the wrong way and not having the idea that … And as a society, as the human race, we’ve definitely gone away from our natural. I won’t say our natural habitat. I don’t know if that’s the correct term, but our natural form of what we used to be as an animal. Now some people say we’re not animals, but at one point we definitely had to be through the process of revolution … or evolution, excuse me. I said revolution.

But anyways, so a lot of things he is portraying is kind of how we would be in survival. So he talks a lot about having intermittent fasting, or I guess it’s not really intermittent fasting, it’s just fasting because intermittent fasting is more about fasting in a 16 hour period or a 12 hour period and whatnot.

But yeah, he does fasting a lot and he does, usually I think it’s a one time 40 hour fast and basically it just cleanses out your body. And it makes a lot of sense to do that because how much we eat, especially the average American, we’re just collecting those toxins and especially with how bad our diet is. It just, our system never really gets to flush out completely and we just have all these toxins stuck inside. So this is a way of cleaning out our body, our liver and all that. And yeah, I think he makes some good points when it comes to that.

The one thing though I’m very curious about is that he’s really into the carnivore diet and also the ketogenic diet. But with the carnivore diet, he talks about how vegetables and stuff like that are waste. Basically they’re a waste of space, pretty much, so I thought that was interesting.

Another thing he talks about that I thought was odd. I’ve never heard this before, is that he said, “Carbohydrates are not a macro.” He says, “Only protein and fats are.” And that there’s no evidence of carbs being a macronutrient, and I thought that was really interesting too, because everybody thinks there’s three, which is protein, carbs and fats. But yeah, he said that’s not necessary. “Carbs are not a necessary to survive.” And I was like, “Oh, I never really thought of that.”

So a lot of what he’s trying to portray is interesting. Actually, he was talking about how McDonald’s actually sells grass-fed beef, and I was like, “That’s, really? I thought they had terrible product.” But I actually looked that up, and that is fairly, that is actually pretty accurate. Now when they are first being raised they eat grass, but as they grow up, they still eat grass, but it’s not as much. They eat other things. But still, it’s not as unhealthy as some people think. And a lot of these health concerns are really from bread, the buns and stuff like that. Fries, of course, what they’re cooked in with vegetable oil. Soda, ice cream, all that shit. I mean, of course it’s terrible for you.

So, yeah, when people go to fast food joints, they’re not just eating the meat, they’re eating other crap that’s shit. Dairy, we all know dairy is bad for you and I don’t care what anybody says. Dairy is shit. Dairy is a cancer feeding food. People, it’s just an inflammatory in your body. Now, some people can process it better than others, but overall it’s pretty, it’s not good for you. But anyways, I’m getting a little off track. But yeah, he makes different observations like that. And if you actually look at his product, the new X3 Bar resistance band training system, it’s interesting because he talks about basically doing the, I would call the basic movements that people do in weightlifting.

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So for his push day, he does chest press, squats, a shoulder press. And what else? He does one more thing. Chest press, squats, shoulder press and … Shoot. I forget. I’ll come back to that. And then in his pull day, he does calf raises, biceps curl, deadlift. And I can’t remember what else. I keep forgetting one more of each exercise. But basically he does the basic movements of each day. And he also talks about doing a one set failure. Well, he doesn’t call it failure, he calls it, “Absolute fatiguing.”

So in his new product, he has four bands. These are really thick bands and they’re supposed to be really good quality. I’ve done a lot of research and a lot of people that actually have the product, rather than comparing it to regular resistance bands, say that the quality is much higher. And the actual bar itself is a real bar you would find at the gym. So it’s legitimate. And basically the reason that he has this bar with these bands is when you put your hand … Let’s say if you were just using the bands. You were trying to just use your bands or use your hands for the bands pushing outward and such, it twists your wrists. So really it’s causing a problem and injury to yourself rather than when you’re using a bar, you don’t have those same issues.

So, I thought that was interesting and it made a lot of sense to me. But yeah, for each exercise, he talks about one set to completely fatiguing. And what you do is you fully extend without … Well, what I mean full extend, you go about 120 degrees or 145 degrees so that you’re still contracting. And you do as many reps as you can, at least 15 reps, he says, to about the maximum 40. And then as you or when you fatigue to that point and you can’t fully extend, you go to the halfway point and you keep going until you hit the very bottom until you can’t no longer do that. So that’s, you just do one set, and then you basically don’t start the other exercise until you fully recover and then you do the process over again. And then for the push day, it’s also a tricep press. So that makes sense. I forgot that. And for the pull day, it was a bench row. Okay. So that makes sense too.

So yeah, these are all very basic movements. But if you ever really look at the equipment at a gym, a lot of that shit’s kind of pointless. It depends what you’re doing. If you’re doing specific training for that exercise or your just doing specific training for sport. Yeah. Even Dr. Jaquish says this product is for general overall strength. But if you’re an athlete and let’s say you’re a boxer or you’re a baseball player, football player, whatever, it’s not going to help in those sports. It’s going to help you in strength and being stronger, but you still have to practice those sports. He’s not saying you can’t continue that, and I agree with that.

A lot of stuff that’s out there that they say to do, it’s not necessary for general strength. And I think a lot of people have this misconception that these exercises that are sold upon are needed and that’s not true. I think doing the basics is really the most important and general strength exercises are going to apply to general world strength. And a lot of people try to catch numbers or try to put up as much numbers and that’s not necessarily good for your body for one. And for two, that’s not necessary to get stronger. Your body doesn’t know the difference depending on the amount of tension you’re putting on.

So you can even do body weight exercises and you’re still going to get stronger, obviously, if you put enough time under tension and whatnot. And he talks about that too, that a lot of these people that are against this product, it’s because they’re so used to the old school trend of trying to put up as big as numbers as you can and destroying your body basically is what you’re doing instead of building muscle. That really does hinder your performance for future workouts.

And so, yeah, he also talks about that too. And it’s people having a misunderstanding of what lactic acid is and lactic acid, he says that you don’t even feel, and that soreness, you’re actually feeling you … You’re actually destroying your muscle instead of actually tearing it and regaining muscle. So I thought that was interesting too. So I would definitely check this guy out, especially since now gyms are not how they were before this pandemic and if you’re just looking for something to do workout at home.

Now people that say this product doesn’t work, I’ve noticed a lot of them don’t follow exactly the protocol that he is distributing with the product. Now, I would highly recommend you look up on this website, Jaquish, excuse me, And to follow that program exactly, follow the nutrition to really see after the 12 weeks if it’s legit.

And I’m pretty curious myself, but I’d love to see him on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I think that would be super interesting to see what he says has any validity based off my observation and what Joe Rogan says. But Joe Rogan’s also the type of guy that said Cuomo, that 100 pound dumbbell that he was lifting around was a real 100 pound dumbbell and that was a fake weight. I’m like, “Yeah, you’ve been doing too much DMT or something because clearly the way he was throwing that weight around, he’s not that … There’s no way.”

But anyways, I think a lot of fitness research and nutrition research has a lot of bias to it. And I think it’s good with someone like this, who is controversial, I think it’s good to research as much as you can. But I think he does make a lot of interesting points. So at some point, I am going to give it a test and I’m probably going to make a YouTube channel on it and to see my progress and just to see if, for one, if it works, and for two, it doesn’t. I’m going to follow exactly the protocol he talks about, the nutrition, all that. So I think that’ll be important, and I don’t think there’s been really been anyone that’s really done that.

I know there’s been people that show how these exercises work, but I don’t think there’s been people that have actually followed the program exactly as he wants it. So I just think it would be important to see, and if he’s full of shit, well, I’ll call him out. But if he’s not and if I feel like the progresses I’m making in my health and everything, if I feel like I’ve made some real improvement, I’m definitely going to show the world. And this could change a lot of things about the fitness industry. I think people are told wrong about a lot of different things and I think sometimes people just need something that makes more sense. And the fact that it only will take 10 to 15 minutes a day of working out, I think is also pretty attractive. And yeah, I don’t think people need these one hour to two hour workouts. And the people that are doing long workouts, a lot of them are one, taking some sort of some steroid if they are making any progress because your body just … Especially how working out is that you’re just trying to completely destroy your body.

If you just think about that concept and then you’re supposed to recover for a whole 24 hours until the next time, it doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know how that would make sense as far as applying to the real world. And a lot of the concepts he’s talking about are applying to world real-world strength, I believe.

Yeah, but when I do start that, I’ll definitely let you guys know and I’ll let you know what my channel is for that so you can check it out. Yeah. So until then, until so I buy the bar and everything and see if it’s worth the price, I’m not going to recommend to anybody. But until I show week by week progress and show people what the deal is, then yeah. I will let that happen. All right guys, thanks for listening. Until next time I’m out. Danny Adams.

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