July 8, 2022

X3: The Best Mobile Gym for Van Life

Vanlife has become exceedingly popular with people of all ages taking to the road now that ‘work from home’ means ‘work from anywhere.’ But when you’re living in small quarters, how do you carry the gym equipment needed to stay fit? X3 bar is the best gym for van life, a mobile solution for total body strength training on the road.

Working Out on the Road

A van on the water with workout equipment
Van Life Workout

Over the past few years, there’s been a marked shift in how people work, and how people live. No longer tied to their desks, many are seeking the freedom and adventure that can be found by living and working on the road. Van life is becoming increasingly popular, with people outfitting their vehicles with space for sleeping, cooking, and online commuting. But what about working out?

Those who live the #vanlife are generally attracted to the outdoors but don’t always have the time for a long hike in the woods, weather permitting. Gym memberships make little sense for those who are always moving. Carrying your own equipment instead can quickly take up space and add too much weight to your tiny home on wheels.

Still, those on the road need to work out, just like the rest of us. And anyone who’s spending long hours sitting, whether driving or working, can benefit from strength training.

Strength training is the best way to keep your metabolism high and your body fat low. Being strong also has protective qualities when it comes to aging, long hours driving, and injury prevention. And, strength makes van life, and any day-to-day tasks much easier.

Vanlifers need a mobile gym solution that takes up very little space and very little time. The goal? To stay healthy on the road without compromising a minimal lifestyle that’s committed to maximum freedom.

Why X3 Is The Best Mobile Gym for Vans

A man uses a mobile gym for vans
The X3 Mobile Gym

Building strength requires resistance training, and X3 is hands-down the most effective resistance training method. The portable gym uses latex bands to provide variable resistance. This method triggers muscle growth more efficiently than traditional, static resistance methods.

Variable vs Static Resistance

Traditional free weights limit your capacity for strength building because they work on the principle of static resistance. No matter what point you’re at in your lift, the resistance your weight provides remains the same.

At the base of your bench press for example, when the bar is on your chest and your shoulders are in their most compromised, weakest position, you’re pushing against the same resistance that’s offered when you’re gathering momentum and reaching your strongest, impact-ready posture mid-way through the lift.

A comparison between weights and variable resistance
Variable vs Static Resistance

The same is true for your squat, your deadlift, and every other lift you perform. With traditional free weights, your training is limited by the amount of weight you can safely move when at your weakest.

Variable Resistance

The X3 bar uses powerful, closed-loop latex bands to provide variable resistance. With X3, the resistance delivered at the weakest point of your lift is lighter, reducing your risk of injury. As you progress through the motion and enter a stronger posture, the bands begin to stretch, offering you greater resistance.

In addition to variable resistance, X3 provides the exact conditions your workout needs to cue muscle growth and optimal strength building.

  • Constant tension means there’s no resting at the top or bottom of your lift.
  • Diminishing range lets you perform each exercise to complete exhaustion.

Combine variable resistance with these two principles and you’ll trigger the exact hormones your body needs for optimal muscle growth.

X3 vs Other Resistance Bands

A mobile gym perfect for van life
The X3 Mobile Gym System

Not all resistance bands are created equal. X3 surpasses the others by offering the strongest, safest latex bands available. Forego traveling with hundreds of pounds of bumper plates, and rest assured you can still lift heavy. The strongest X3 band offers similar resistance to a 600-pound loaded barbell.

In addition, a stabilizing ground plate ensures your workouts are safe and effective. The familiar grip of an Olympic-like steel bar lets you easily perform the same movements you would do at the gym.

X3 Saves Time

People choose the van life because they want freedom, but it doesn’t come easily. Spending time driving and setting up camp, while still clocking in to work online, can quickly fill the hours in your day, making it a challenge to work out.

But with the X3 Bar System, there’s no need to spend hours on your fitness. The X3 workout takes just 20 minutes per day. Thanks to its efficiency, just one set of each movement, performed to fatigue, is all it takes to build strength and muscle.

X3 Saves Space

The X3 bar takes up just as much space as a shoebox, and can easily travel with you. Store it under a seat, in a small box, or in an overhead cabinet. We all know that the more accessible your fitness equipment is, the more likely you are to use it.

When living in a van on the road, space is valuable. For everything you add to your van, it’s likely something else will have to go. With X3, you won’t have to sacrifice storage space for a portable gym.

Reduces Risk of Injury

A man holds his lower back after a weightlifting injury
Lower Back Injury from Weightlifting

If you’re traveling and enjoying the outdoor life on the open road, the last thing you need is to be sidelined by an injury, or worse yet, stuck in one place while you await treatment or healing.

While injured low-backs and joints are common with traditional free weights, X3 significantly reduces this risk. Resistance band workouts are easier on the joints and safer all-around. And for the solo van lifers, there’s no spotter needed.


Some estimate that the number of people living and working on the road has tripled in the past few years. This youthful group is interested in living simply, but living well, which entails workout out and maintaining strength and fitness.

With the X3 bar, mobile strength training is not only possible but easy to do. It’s the portable strength training device you’ve been waiting for – it saves time, saves space, prevents injury, and most importantly, it’s very effective.

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