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Our Company and mission.

About Jaquish Biomedical

Jaquish Biomedical is a research and development group applying new findings in human physiology to physical medicine and rehabilitation device design.

We are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions to advance physical health and promote total body optimization.

Through breakthrough fitness and nutrition products, our mission is to trigger greater, faster adaptive responses in the human body with the lowest possible risk.

We develop evidence-based solutions to improve health, increase performance, and promote total body optimization.

From Bones to Muscle … and Beyond

Our products include X3 Bar, the most powerful muscle-building device on the market.

The Ultimate Muscle-Building Supplement

Fortagen, our highly acclaimed amino acid supplement, was launched in 2019 and features the highest protein nutritional value in the world.

The Jaquish Biomedical Story

As biomedical engineers, we didn’t set out to disrupt the fitness industry. In the beginning, Dr. John Jaquish wasn’t trying to become a great inventor; he was trying to be a good son.

John’s mom had been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. Osteoporotic fractures account for as many deaths as breast cancer. He set out to find a solution for his mom’s osteoporosis.

John and his business partner, Henry Alkire, ultimately created osteogenic loading, the science behind OsteoStrong—now the most effective bone density building medical device in the world.

As for John’s mom? She no longer has Osteoporosis.

In researching bone density, John found a 7X difference between the average muscle load created in a typical fitness environment and what we are capable of doing.

In Search of a Better Way

Weightlifting overloads joints and underloads muscle.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if the weight got heavier as you approached the top of a bench press? What if the weights got lighter at the bottom of a deadlift?

Delivering appropriate force at all ranges would undoubtedly result in fewer injuries and better muscular response—in far less time—than conventional weightlifting.

A new challenge awaited. Dr. Jaquish and Henry Alkire then set out to create a fitness system that would turn an entire industry on its head.

The Advent of X3

People were tired of spending countless hours in the gym in exchange for negligible results, chronic pain, and costly injuries. After an iteration or two, the X3 prototype was born.

Combining the best parts of weightlifting and variable resistance, we designed X3 to deliver the most efficient, effective force delivery throughout the entire range of motion.

X3 stimulates optimal hormonal release and builds muscle much faster than conventional lifting, in far less training time, and with the lowest risk of joint injury.

X3 Nutrition: A Powerful Protocol for Greater Gains

To maximize muscle growth, you need nutrition backed by science, not dietary guidelines or Instagram nutritionists.

That’s why we developed Fortagen, an EAA supplement 5X more usable than whey protein. With nearly 100% net amino acid utilization, Fortagen is the perfect muscle-building and fasting support supplement.

IN-Perium, a coffee replacement supplement, resulted from John’s desire to find a “bulletproof” coffee alternative that mixed instantly and provided lasting, crash-free energy.

Cytronium, a citrus-derived metabolism booster, is just the latest in many groundbreaking products in the Jaquish Biomedical arsenal.

Ready to optimize your diet and maximize your X3 results? Check out the X3 Nutrition program.

A New Day

We’re now shipping products across the globe, from Germany to Brazil. Tens of thousands of people have transformed their bodies and lives with X3.

It all started with a man trying to help his mom. We could never have imagined how far one big idea would take us, and we sincerely thank you for your support.

As for John and Henry’s next great invention, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Dr. John Jaquish, Principal

Dr. John Jaquish is the inventor of the most effective bone-density building medical device, OsteoStrong, which has reversed osteoporosis in thousands and created more powerful, fracture-resistant athletes worldwide.

In the process of his medical research, Dr. Jaquish quantified the variance in power capacities from weak to strong ranges in weightlifting, which led to his second invention, X3.

Dr. Jaquish has been called “the Tony Stark of the Fitness Industry” by the Chicago Tribune. He has been featured on many top health podcasts and speaks at scientific conferences all over the world.

Dr. Jaquish is an editor of multiple medical journals, a National Medal of Science nominee, and a research professor at Rushmore University, his alma mater.

Dr. John Jaquish, Principal

Henry Alkire, COO

Henry Alkire is a biomedical engineer and lifelong tinkerer who likes cars and coffee.

He has been working with John Jaquish since 2012 to perform just about every kind of engineering, draft patents, author scientific research, and create and launch advertising campaigns.

He lives in the foothills of Northern California, where he can be found experimenting with making new devices because “no one else makes it, and I want one.”

Henry Alkire, COO