Recent Media Coverage

Recent Media Coverage

October 3, 2018

Dr. John Jaquish Talks Improving Your Strength, Posture and Bone Density With Osteostrong

The founder of OsteoStrong, Dr. John Jaquish joined us live to tell us all about Osteostrong and their new location in LA. OsteoStrong is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment. OsteoStrong is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system. In just ten minutes a week, the patented OsteoStrong equipment strengthens the foundation of your body by improving bone density for better posture, balance and athletic performance with reduced joint and back pain.

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August 8, 2018
Simply Walk the Talk

Episode 61: Dr. John Jaquish & the X3 Bar

This week, we welcome Dr. John Jaquish to the show to discuss his revolutionary strength training tool: the X3 Bar. Providing a full body workout, Dr. Jaquish’s invention is an incredibly portable variable resistance tool. We discuss his background, the X3 Bar’s development, and the science behind his work.

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June 28, 2018
Healthy Gut Girl


Dr. John Jaquish, the creator of Osteostrong and the X3 Bar variable resistance system, blows our minds with the facts about bone loss and bone density, the hype about weight lifting and the magic of resistance training.

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June 10, 2018
The MotorCop Mindset

X3 Update with Dr. John Jaquish

Jason Hoschouer interviews Dr. Jaquish, who brings a surprise by announcing the brand new, soon-to-be-released Elite Band.

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May 12, 2018
Ben Greenfield Fitness

The Best 10 Minute A Day Workout—How To Massively Increase Bone Density And Muscle In Just 10 Minutes (& Biohack Extreme Fitness Levels)

A few weeks ago, a friend emailed me and said: 'I just got off the phone with John Jaquish, PhD, the inventor of something called the X3 bar. He is an inventor, author, and scientist who stumbled upon his life’s mission to promote bone health and advance osteogenic loading research after his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Determined to help her and others suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and pain, John developed amazing biotechnology devices that increase bone density, strengthen muscles, and improve stability while reducing injury risk.'

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April 11, 2018
The Crossover Show

TheCrossoverShow Interviews X3 Bar creator, Dr. John Jaquish

In this special video of #TheCrossoverShow, MC and HM are proud to welcome Dr. John Jaquish to the show. The boys discuss Dr. Jaquish revolutionary workout gear, the #X3Bar.

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February 28, 2018
Super Human Radio - Science for Humans

More Bad News For Cholesterol Med Users + X3Bar: You're Not Going to Believe the Workout You'll Get

Another nail in the coffin for statin drug users. Muscle function is impaired even if you don't have evidence of muscle wasting or pain. PLUS You've never seen a piece of workout equipment like this. You can get an entire intense workout anywhere, on the road, take it to the gym, use it at home. And while you can load your muscles with extreme force its safer than using free-weight or most machines. Here's how it work.

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January 15, 2018
End of Three Fitness

The Secret Power of Banded Training (and more) with Dr. John Jaquish

This we have an inventor, Dr. John Jaquish. We also talk about another invention of his, the X3 bar, increasing force, strength through different ranges of motion, and more.

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November 20, 2017
Evolve with Pete Evans

H.E.A.L. Podcast - John Jaquish, PhD

John Jaquish, PhD is an inventor, author and scientist. After successfully reversing his mother's Osteoporosis as part of his Doctoral Dissertation in Biomedical Engineering research at Rushmore University, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused on user comfort, biomechanics and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation. Next, the device he designed was put into production and has since been placed in over 240 clinics worldwide.

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October 31, 2017
Doug Parks

A Revolution in the Fitness Industry

If you are a fan of health but never have the time to get a work out in OR do not like working out or this conversation is for you. Dr. John Jaquish, Biomedical engineer, medical researcher, and inventor, joins us to share his discovery revolutionizing the fitness industry. Dr Johns invention awakens HGH Human Growth Hormone naturally, and exponentially faster than conventional strength training.

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