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Just Reviews On Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time

Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time: Dr. John Jaquish and Henry Alkire

The title of this book might surprise you and the information shared will take you on a journey to decide if you agree or disagree with the authors and what they imparted to you the reader. They invented the X3 Bar portable home gym as an exercise system that builds muscle much faster than conventional lifting in far less training time and at the lowest risk of joint injury. The author state that it delivers varying weight throughout the range of motion triggering your muscles to adapt and change much in the way OsteoStrong triggers bond growth. This device makes the beginning of physiologically, scientifically sound shift in the fitness industry. Some state and argue that this is this is the first time that science has been applied to fitness from a specific movement standpoint.

The thesis of this book and the main idea is that they are going to show you a huge amount of data supporting just how poor stimulus weight training is for its intended purpose and a huge amount of data how variance in resistance is the obvious answer to this challenge. Finally, after completing your journey and reading this book you will learn: How to accelerate muscle growth and fat loss

How to eat properly for muscle gain and fat loss

Why so many people exercise but do not see results

What is different about the X3 fitness system, why it works, who uses it and their results and much more.

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Chapter 2 focuses on How Variable Resistance is underestimated and has subheadings like Variable Resistance Studies done with elite athletes, how to increase gains, variable resistance and untrained individuals and Why the untapped potential? Chapter 3 they focus on Optimizing Our hormones and growth factors by explaining the cardio-cortisol connection and why Cardio for weight loss is a lie. The chapter is extensive and you the reader need to decide for yourself what method is right for you. Inventing the ultimate solution maximizing muscle and minimizing body fat is chapter 4 and the chapter that caught most of most interest was Chapter 5 which it titled X3 in Action. During this test period Dr. John Jaquish was traveling the world speaking about bone density and OsteoStrong. The X3 Bar variable resistance training system was not designed to be a travel took but it does fit inside a checked bag, so he brought it to keep the prototype with him all the time. Travelers know that it is hard to eat well while on the road so since how and where you eat is vital and important-if not more so, than fitness routines, Dr. John Jaquish was not expecting optimal results.

This chapter is informative, and highlights uses of this product starting with the author himself and his personal experiences using this product and how he bulked up. `He highlights his status before using the prototype and then after. Page 87 has the remarkable information on his transformation. He includes photos of this physical changes and then Henry relates his own personal experiences too. Their personal experiences with the X3 portable gym provided further proof that variable resistance training using peak force throughout the ranges of motion was vastly superior to weight training. It also demonstrated they state how well X3 Bar resistance band training system leverage and their hormonal research and findings into practical, simple, fast, portable training solution. They continue by explain how the X3 Bar portable home gym combines the self-stabilizing natural multi-joint movements used in weight training with the higher forces provided by the various resistance. It is explained in detail on pages 90-91.

They tell about Early X3 workout bar system adopters and current uses like: professional athletes like Forrest Griffin a former light heavyweight champion of mixed martial arts one of the best fighters of all times and uses the X3 Bar variable resistance training system exclusively. They explain how he suffers from joint injuries, and this device made it possible for him to work out hard again. They go into more of his training. Bodybuilders. Medical professionals and customer stories and photos included of before and after. Jason Young, Maykell Lorenzo and Todd Stratton.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

A chapter on nutrition comes next and the Falsehoods of Fitness follows.

The conclusion or concluding chapter relates how the fitness industry has a 99 percent failure rate. They bring in the CDC and the Prevention CDC which has the responsibility for producing vital and health statistics for the nation. They fund an annual project to collect health, fitness and nutritional data from a broad population designed to reflect the general population. It is called the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey that interviews 5000 people per year in the U.S. based on metrics of nutrition, exercise habits, general health and disease states. The industry according to them fails toa attract much of the population, but maybe the reasons for this are based on the casual observations of the uninvolved. They continue with a more detailed analysis and description on pages 220-222. The reasons fitness failed in explained and filling the gaps with science. The final paragraph before the appendix states how to put knowledge into action. After reading this book you the reader now has to decide with he knowledge you have gained from reading about this method and the X3 Bar fitness band bar system and having the tools you need to become as the authors state your healthiest, most muscular version of yourself you can be. Now they say all you must do is apply what you learned and stay consistent, discipline and your results will astound you, so they say.

The appendix includes the many exercises and workouts that the authors and others share with readers. The pictures and the descriptions will assist anyone that has the X3 Bar portable home gym to try their training program. I have given you the information and you the reader must decide whether the X3 variable resistance exercise system is right for you or weight training.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

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