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Heal Osteoporosis, Get Jacked in 10 Mins a Day & The Carnivore Diet with Dr. John Jaquish

The Chief Life | August 14, 2019

This weeks podcast with Dr. John Jaquish @drjaquish has it all! How to get jacked with just 10 minutes a day, How he healed his mothers osteoporosis by creating a machine that places compressions of up to 10x her own bodyweight through the axis of her bones, as well as why and how the Carnivore Diet serves Dr. John Jaquish.

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X3: 10 Minute Workouts, Reversing Osteoporosis, and Omad

Decoding Superhuman | August 13, 2019

The always entertaining Dr. John Jaquish discusses reversing bone density issues, putting on 30 pounds of muscle after 40, the X3 Bar, and what it is like to thrive on one meal a day.

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Dr. John Jaquish helps NBA and NFL stars work their way to peak fitness

The Asian Age | August 10, 2019

According to Dr. John Jaquish, this new wave of transition towards weight training is due to the impact it has on the performance of the body. This has pushed Dr John towards enhancing, not only the gym enthusiasts’ muscle training, but also for some of the most prominent NBA and NFL stars.

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Why Tom Brady will never quit

Men's Health | August 6, 2019

In an exclusive interview at his remote Bahamas boot-camp, the NFL's greatest quarterback reveals the secrets of his workout, diet, focus, and his goals for the new season.

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Dr. John Jaquish’s X3 Bar is transforming workout game for elite athletes

The Statesmen | August 1, 2019

Watch the segment to see how countless people have changed their body by simply changing their workout tool to the X3 Bar. Creator Dr. John Jaquish shows us how it works. The set comes complete with four custom engineered resistance bands, an X3 Elite Bar, a ground plate and a 12-week program. Jaquish recommends high reps and only one set and he says you only need 10 minutes.

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Episode 131: Dr. John Jaquish - Heavy Band Resistance Training

Human Performance Outliers Podcast | July 8, 2019

Human Performance Outliers Podcast with hosts Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter. For this episode, Dr. John Jaquish joined the show. John is an inventor, author, and scientist. John invented a device to place axial loading to help reverse osteoporosis. Since, he has invented the X3 Bar, which is designed to lift heavy with less risk of joint damage.

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Dr. John Jaquish talks tech innovations in the fitness industry

Net News Ledger | June 26, 2019

Technology has served as a yardstick to progress, modernization, and several advancements in various fields, reshaping the world as we know it, turning the impossible into possible. Several men have changed the world with their creativity and ingenuity. Dr. John Jaquish is one such individual, whose innovations speak for him.

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Dr. John Jaquish, the Tony Stark of the Fitness Industry

Chicago Tribune | June 13, 2019

Many pioneers and trendsetters in this world are revolutionizing our daily lives with their ingenuity, creativity, and diligence. More so is the case in the health industry, where doctors and scientists are working relentlessly to improve the quality of human lives. Some are in the process of formulating new medicines while others are looking to enhance the way our body functions with external hacks and supports. Dr. John Jaquish is one such personality who is quickly paving his way to becoming the Tony Stark of the fitness industry.

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Osteoporosis in Women: Bone Strengthening Guidelines | Dr. John Jaquish

The Art of Living | June 12, 2019

Make sure you listen to this show all the way to the end, because today’s guest Dr. John Jaquish has developed a device that’s placed in over 300 clinics worldwide.

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How Dr. John Jaquish’s X3 Bar is enhancing athletic performance

Capital Gazette | June 6, 2019

Dr. John Jaquish partnered with renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins to launch OsteoStrong, and the devices are now popping up internationally. According to Dr. John, 'OsteoStrong is a biohack that helps you strengthen the foundation of your body - the skeletal system. Unlike other health solutions, you don't have to spend hours at the gym or exert physical energy that will leave you feeling tired by the time you're done.'

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