By American Ninja Warrior on October 24, 2018

Even this intense workout can’t stop the Ninjas and hosts from keeping it fun

Even this intense workout can’t stop the Ninjas and hosts from keeping it fun

Training for American Ninja Warrior isn’t a linear process. You don’t just perform actions A, B, and C in a particular order to find yourself at the National Finals. The athletes of the this sport have to adapt their regimens just has frequently as the obstacles change.

This means they’re always up for trying something new. The team at OsteoStrong invited some Ninjas out, as well as hosts Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Ninja Warrior Executive Producer Kent Weed, for a day of experimentation with their pretty sophisticated program. They were walked through the system by Dr. John Jaquish.

We’re not even going to try to explain the complexities of it to you. Here’s how OsteoStrong describes what they do: “OsteoStrong sessions utilize a series of robotic musculoskeletal treatment devices that allow axial compression of bone. Because of the robotic optimized positioning of the human body, loading forces go through the human bone that is far higher than those seen in daily activity or exercise.”

It looks pretty intense. Check out Kevin Bull trying out the equipment.

Travis Brewer and Benjamin Humphrys also had personalized sessions.

They were joined by Matt and Akbar, who aren’t just hosts in a tower. These guys like to get right in it with the Ninjas.

How ever these machines work, it doesn’t exactly look… easy.

But like always, you can’t get the Ninja gang together without a little fun to be had.

Also, does Akbar have a modeling contract we were unaware of? He is serving LOOKS.

All in all, it looks like the Ninjas had a great time learning something new!

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