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X3 Bar Elite

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Replace your free weights, squat rack, bench press, bowflex, and other weight machines and other weight lifting tools with something better: The X3 Variable Resistance System.

The X3 empowers you with variable resistance, a training methodology that has been utilized in elite gym facilities to help break more than 140 strength world records in the past few years.

With X3, you don’t need to go to the gym or buy thousands of dollars of digital weightlifting devices to effectively build muscle.

X3 Bar Elite


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Research has discovered that all living organisms (including humans) have their own very specific amino acid pattern—used to reach maximum protein synthesis. For protein synthesis to occur (for amino acids to be used as building blocks for cell metabolism), all 8 essential amino acids must be available at the same time and in the correct ratio to one another.

The more the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids changes from the optimal pattern, the less the body utilizes the protein.

Fortagen provides the optimum amino acid pattern. This powerful formula has a net amino acid utilization of nearly 100%. In other words, nearly all of amino acids are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein.

If you are taking advantage of the Hyperplasia protocol, and would benefit from added glucose, consider taking FortagenHP.

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Clean sustained energy without the crash, IN-Perium has revolutionized natural pre-workout supplements.

Many other pre-workout supplements contain a blend of controversial ingredients and methods for production, leading to a dangerous cocktail of caffeine, stimulants and chemicals. These supplements can raise blood pressure and heart rate, potentially leading to serious health problems.

With 100% formula transparency and a potent combination of caffeine, electrolytes, MCT oil, and other ingredients, IN-Perium is the cleanest and most effective pre-workout supplement available.

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Superior Bone Health Solutions

Dr. Jaquish is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical technology. An innovation initially developed to cure his mother’s osteoporosis, Dr. Jaquish’s skeletal strengthening devices are now available at OsteoStrong locations worldwide.

Referred to as “the ultimate biohack for people of all ages,” the company recently partnered with Tony Robbins to help spearhead rapid clinic deployment.

  • Spectrum for OsteoStrong


    OsteoStrong® is a biohack that helps you strengthen the foundation of your body – the skeletal system. OsteoStrong devices safely load bone with high-impact forces to trigger osteogenesis or new bone growth. By implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen the skeletal system, Osteostrong clients experience:

    • Improved Bone Density
    • Improved Posture and Balance
    • Improved Athletic Performance
    • Less Joint and Back Pain
  • Unbreakable


    This book is for everyone from healthy, young athletes to disease-prone seniors. You’ll learn about the benefits of some of the most cutting-edge biohacking tech used by A-list pro athletes and renowned motivator Tony Robbins – and how you can use them to build bone density, increase strength, improve performance, accelerate healing, and more.
  • Osteogenic Loading Book

    Osteogenic Loading Book

    For the past century, the medical community has addressed osteoporosis as an inevitable part of aging. However, a new technology has transformed lives and made the medical community reevaluate such determinations.

    This new modality for therapy and exercise is osteogenic loading, a safe and effective exercise intervention that utilizes high-impact emulation to trigger new bone growth. In addition to improving their bone health, subjects using osteogenic loading have significantly increased force production, thereby increasing balance and strength.

  • Fractureproof iOS App

    Fractureproof iOS App

    What if even a few seconds of exercise a week could strengthen your bones? Research indicates it can if your bones experience enough impact force. But not all exercise accomplishes this, hence the prevalence of osteoporosis.

    Fractureproof lets you test your exercise routine using your phone’s built-in sensors to gauge impact. Then you can compare the results to the impact levels required to build bone. Track your exercise sessions over time and see what workouts work for you.