May 11, 2023

X3 FAQ: How Do I Get Into Position for the Chest Press to Prevent the Bands from Slipping?

How does one get into the proper position for a X3 chest press?

Full Transcript

We often get the question, how does one get in the right position for a chest press? I’m gonna make it look easy.

You’re gonna need to practice this a little bit. I’m not intentionally making it look easy, I just do it every other day. Because I follow the program and I’ve been doing it for three years.

It’s okay if you’ve got to try this a couple of times but watch the video very carefully because there are a lot of little nuances.

I’m just gonna take a black band, and we’re gonna hook it on the bar, like this. So, normal position and you want to start by grabbing not the bar, but the band.

Now I’m going to grab it with I do with my right arm, I’m going to put it over my head. And I’m going to get it cross-body so that it’s parallel with how my body is. I got as much slack here as here.

So cross-body, we all got that. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this side, the upper side, and drop it down, so that the band is in between the deltoid and the tricep.

So it’s in this position, it’s in the correct position on the left side of my body, your right. Now I’m gonna drop the other arm through and I’m ready to do it. It’s just sitting right in position.

All I have to do now is grab a hold of the bar and push away from myself. Now I also keep constant tension. You notice how it all goes slack at the bottom like this and you keep tension on it, which is actually going to stimulate more muscle growth.

So just push away from yourself and keep constant tension until you can’t do any reps anymore.

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