November 28, 2022

The Exercise Bar that Delivers Better Results than the Gym

If you’re a weight lifter or a gym goer, you’re familiar with exercise bars. From the standard powerlifting or Olympic bar to trap bars or EZ curl bars, holding a barbell makes resistance training more effective and efficient. But which exercise bar is best? There’s a new home exercise bar that ditches the weights. And it delivers better results than the old standby you’ll find at the gym.

Why Train with an Exercise Bar?

Human hands are made for grabbing things. Training with an exercise bar allows for a safe, secure grip no matter the amount of weight you’re lifting. Imagine trying to squat or bench press a heavy, hypertrophy-inducing amount of weight, without the use of a barbell. Some try to do it, but it’s awkward, inefficient and unsafe.

Using a barbell makes lifting weight more comfortable. In fact, you can even lift heavier (and realize greater gains) than you could using dumbbells. When the body prepares to lift something heavy, it expects to grab it with two hands. Using a barbell prevents the neural inhibition that takes place when we pick something up with just one arm. The result is a stronger lift and greater muscle growth.

When it comes to resistance training, using an exercise bar is best. But there’s one exercise bar that outperforms the rest. Its secret? This bar is paired with bands, not plates.

Resistance Band Training with an Exercise Bar

Variable resistance has been proven more effective for strength training than the static resistance traditional free-weights provide. Resistance band training provides variable resistance. It makes your lifts more challenging when your body is in its strongest position. A more challenging lift equals faster muscle growth.

There’s only one catch. To actually build muscle and lose fat with resistance bands, you need strong, heavy bands. This is what makes it necessary to use an exercise bar with your bands.

Try to stand on a thick, closed-loop latex band, or try to grab it with your hands while you’re working out. You’ll quickly find it’s your hands and feet, wrists and ankles that limit the strength of your lift. You won’t be able to fully perform the movement with the proper range of motion without risking damage to your joints.

An exercise bar like X3helps manage the power of the band. By offering you an easy-to-grab, familiar grip, the X3 barbell lets you use the strongest resistance bands available in a safe and comfortable manner, making your workout more effective.

Why X3 is the Best Exercise Bar

Man using a variable resistance exercise bar

The X3 is machined from anodized aluminum around a solid steel shaft. The two hooks, which hold your powerful X3 resistance bands in place, are made of stainless steel. At 1.25 inches in diameter, this home exercise bar is comparable to most barbells and offers a safe and secure grip.

X3 bar outperforms other resistance band exercise bars for several key reasons:

  • Construction: The alloy steel X3 bar is the strongest you’ll find. Unlike other resistance band barbells, the X3 hooks are safely integrated into the bar’s construction. You won’t find a weak point between the bar and the hooks or the bar and your bands.
  • Ergonomics: The X3 bar hooks rotate on internal bearings. This optimizes your grip for heavy loads, no matter what point you’re at in your lift. No need to compromise your wrist joints or the strength of your body position.
  • Safety: A secure grip prevents slippage and the accidents that often happen when using bands without an exercise bar. The ability to maintain flat wrists through each movement protects your joints and makes you stronger.
  • Strength: X3 resistance bands can produce forces exceeding 600 pounds. You simply can’t use bands like these without an exercise bar that’s just as strong. The triangular handles or clip-on accessories that come with sub-par bands don’t provide a safe means of handling strong bands.

For those who’ve spent their lives strength training with weights, the familiar X3 barbell allows you to perform the same compound movements you’re used to, just better.

X3 Exercise Bar FAQs

variable resistance training system

Can’t I just make my own exercise bar?

X3 is the most safe and effective exercise bar thanks to its steel frame construction, internal ball bearings, and steel hooks. If you’re planning on lifting heavy for muscle gain or weight loss, no, you can’t just make your own. We recommend against it because it’s likely to be unsafe.

I have wide shoulders, isn’t the X3 bar too short?

The X3 bar is 21.5 inches long, which is plenty wide for most people. That said, you might have to get used to a more narrow grip than you’re used to. People like a wide grip on chest press because it creates the illusion of strength by making the exercise easier. But a wide grip means a shorter range of motion, hence a less effective press.

The X3 exercise bar was designed to promote muscle growth. The intentional 21.5 inch length keeps your grip shoulder-width distance for full contraction of the pectoral muscles, and better, faster results.

Is there a longer X3 bar?

For the small percent of the population whose frame is genuinely too wide, or who prefer a wider grip – despite the diminishing returns – there is a long X3 bar. The X3 long bar is an accessory for those who already own a complete system. This home exercise bar clocks in at 29.5 inches, which is 8 inches longer than standard.

Keep in mind, the wide-grip chest press may be good for your ego or for pressing more weight in a contest. But the wider grip and reduced range of motion means ultimately, you’ll stimulate less muscle, slowing growth.

X3 is an exercise bar that offers better results than the gym, precisely because it demands that you train differently.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

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