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Jaquish Biomedical products:


X3:  The X3 is a revolutionary variable resistance fitness device that is neither weight lifting nor cardio and provides more benefit faster than either.  

Fractureproof:  The only exercise monitor that provides information useful for bone health, this iOS app works without the need for any extra wearable device, and works through the use of the iPhone’s onboard sensor suite.

Spectrum:  A new class of Osteogenic Loading physical medicine devices developed by Jaquish Biomedical, this suite of machines forms the core of any OsteoStrong (OsteoStrong.me) location and provides an opportunity to build bone density not available from any other known mechanism.

“Older adults cannot engage the musculoskeletal system like younger adults because of fear of injury. For this reason we have developed systems that allow our mature patients to safely but aggressively stimulate the body for maximum leverage of improved hormone levels we are also stimulating”

- Dr. John Jaquish