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X3 for shorter users

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X3 for shorter users

October 29, 2017

Detailing the two most challenging movements for individuals who have shorter arms.

Full Transcript

Okay. So this is Mandy. Say hi Mandy.

  • Hi.

  • Mandy is 4-foot-11 and she’s gonna demonstrate how this works for somebody who’s a little shorter than the average person.

Starting position and load

So you’ll notice, she’s gonna do a chest press and her starting position’s a little lower than normal. But based on the research that X3 was developed with, the weaker range of motion is the range of motion where you damage joints. So we want either light, or in this case for her, she’s not gonna have any load back there at all because she’s only gonna be loaded from just past the weakest range of motion, from here to close to lock out—so where the arms go almost straight.

So this is the bottom position. Now, here’s where we’re starting.

Go ahead and push it away. Okay. So yeah, you’ve got a foot of range here. So come all the way back, good, good. Forward.

I’m making her self conscious ‘cause we’re on video. Keep going.

So you’ve got change in the force, from light to strong, through the whole range of motion. Good. And I think normally she likes using a slightly wider band. Focus, keep going. So it’s good.

Going to fatigue

So she’s going to exhaustion, I can see, as she gets to the full range, I can see your hands trembling a little bit which shows that she’s getting to the point of fatigue. Okay, so you can go ahead and stop doing that one.

Proper form for tricep push down

Now, I wanna show the tricep push down. So, get hair out of the way, I don’t have that problem.

Okay, so step a little bit forward. Now, the band is, of course, around the trapezius muscles, right here, not around the neck, not here. So the mistake people make, and it’s not just short people, a lot of people make this mistake, when they go to do the push down, to isolate the back of the arm, what they end up doing is they push like this.

So what this is, is more like a declined bench press. So when you push like this, you’re engaging the pectoral, because the humerus is moving towards the body, you’re engaging the deltoid, the shoulders roll forward and you’re engaging the tricep.

So when you do a tricep push down, you’re trying to just use the back of your arm, not all three sets of muscles. So what you do is you put your elbows into your side and act like they’re glued right to your ribcage. And so. What’s your question?

  • I just wanna make sure–

  • Yeah, this is in the right place.

  • Okay.

  • And elbows right to the side, hands in a little bit. She’s using the prototype bar, the one you have is nicer because it’s rubber coated all the way across.

Proper isolation

So what she’s gonna do is just isolate the back of the arm, and you can see she’s at a 90-degree angle, which is the top of the exercise. Being up higher is not better for her tricep. The most important part is from here to here, where she’s really engaging the whole thing.

So instead of pushing down, she’s not doing that, she’s just hinging right here at the elbow joint. So hug the elbows to the body. And good. All right, so good.

I’m gonna show people where the top is. So the top’s here and the bottom, that’s same as the chest press, it may be 10 inches of distance where she’s going top to bottom and she can exhaust the back of the arm. Now, short people will also. Keep going. We will also pick heavier bands than normal. See now, don’t be lazy here, you wanna keep the elbows in.

  • That’s right.

  • Yeah, sometimes when people start to get tired the start doing this and it’s not that, it’s this, just here.

  • So it’s like a little dinosaur.

  • Right. So elbows to the body, just focus on the back of the arm. Perfect.

Bands for shorter people

So short people will tend to gravitate towards the heavier band because they’re really focusing on, in these two movements, really focusing on the strongest range of motion. And that’s great because the objective of the product, the reason it works three times better than conventional means is we are exhausting the more powerful range of motion, which is something you can’t do with conventional equipment.

So you’re still getting the same benefit, maybe heavier band, maybe slightly different range of motion, slightly, little more limited in these two movements, but still. You can do the full extension anymore? That’s good.

  • Okay.

  • You’re exhausted?

  • Pretty.

  • Okay, awesome, thank you.

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