January 30, 2023

The World's Best Resistance Band Set

X3 performance bands are the most powerful and durable resistance bands available.

No bands on the market match their durability and weight-to-resistance ratio.

Each band is custom engineered from ParaForce Rubber™. Performance Bands allow you to stimulate even more muscle growth than possible with standard X3 latex resistance bands.

With X3 Performance Bands, you can:

  • Hit higher peak forces to trigger more muscle growth and fat loss
  • Stack or combine bands without the risk of tears (common with thinner latex bands and tubed bands)

Why the Upgrade?

X3 paraforce bands flat

We work to stay at the forefront of innovation in physical medicine and fitness.

The current X3 System is the product of years of development and multiple designs. The initial X3 band set worked so well that considerable improvements were hard to come by. That is, until now.

Engineered for Greater Gains

X3 gym with ground plate

X3 Performance Bands are a new generation of resistance bands. They are designed for use with the X3 bar and ground plate.

The bands provide a more aggressive force curve, matching your body’s natural potential.

These bands increase force as you stretch them.

The result? Higher peak forces and greater potential for muscle growth.

Enhanced Durability and Strength

Enhanced durability allows you to combine multiple bands during one exercise. This practice is discouraged with standard X3 latex bands.

X3 Performance Bands are made of a proprietary engineered rubber formulation. It’s unlike any other exercise band currently on the market.

As a result, X3 performance bands offer an entirely unique exercise performance experience.

How We Make Our Premium Resistance Bands

X3 performance band set

After years of internal research, development, and testing, we found the people and materials capable of producing better bands.

Material and production involved materials science Ph. D.s from one of the world’s leading scientific consulting firms. We also worked with experts from renowned rubber manufacturers and compounding companies.

Together we created ParaForce Rubber™, a compound consisting primarily of natural and synthetic rubber. This material can be stretched, rubbed, and twisted without wearing, tearing, or showing signs of overuse. It is stronger and more durable than any elastic band on the market.

Unlike regular elastic bands, it maintains its strength and durability over long periods of time.

As with the X3 system, Performance Bands are made right here, in the United States.

No other exercise bands currently on the market can make that claim. And they cannot match our quality, force capability, or durability.

How to Buy X3 Performance Bands

Looking to buy X3 performance bands? These resistance training bands are available to exist customers only. If you have purchased the X3 System, order a set today.

Not a current X3 user? Get on board and experience the best workout of your life.

Your transformation begins here.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

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