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October 14, 2017

X3: The Perfect Set

An addendum to the interview Dr. Jaquish did with Ben Pakulski for the Muscle Expert Podcast.

Full Transcript #

So I just did a podcast with Ben Pakulski. And he asked me to do a video explaining how this works and how you can trigger massive gains with it.

Now, when you bench, you’re doing a bench press, this right here is the sticking point. This is where it’s hardest. The reason for that is you’re firing the least amount of muscle, and you’re at the greatest risk of injury. So the joint is most compromised back here in the shoulder, elbow too.

Now, I published medical research. I’m a medical researcher, where I looked at the difference in capability in the stronger range of motion versus the weaker range of motion. So what we found was that humans have seven times the capability out here than they do out here. And I’m not just talking about bench press like this is true of a curl.

You’re much more powerful right here than you’re down here. So squat: same thing when the legs are close to the ground. You’re much weaker than when you’re just short of lockout, like in a jump type position.

So we now have a way where we can train accordingly, train with a high weight where you’re strongest, and a lower weight where you have the least amount of capability, so that you’re triggering more gains and being very protective on joints. So if you’re seven times more capable in the stronger range of motion, than right at the sticking point, how do we leverage that? How do we train with a different weight through space?

So what I have right here is a very heavy layered latex ressitance band doubled over. And then this is the X3 Bar, which has a ball bearing swivel built in so my grip is always optimum, just like an Olympic bar.

So what I’m gonna do is go to extension. And as the latex stretches, I’m holding about 350 pounds here which I’ve tested with the load cell. Now I wouldn’t get under a bench that has 350 pounds on it, I’m 41 years old. So I don’t want to take that exercise risk.

But here, I can get there in the top range. Now as I come closer to me, the weight goes down as there’s less stretch in the latex. Therefore, it’s safe on the joints and still giving me incredible benefit as I go to fatigue with a higher weight than I ever would get underneath.

So as I push forward, I’m hitting that 350 pounds at the top and it goes down to about 80 when I’m at the bottom. So, I’m gonna do a full perfect set here. High reps is okay, ‘cause I’m dealing with a huge amount of weight at the top. And that level of fatigue is not something you can get with a static weight.

What’s gonna happen is at some point I won’t be able to hit the top because I will have gone to fatigue and won’t be able to get there. So, the range declines and the force declines.

See I can’t get there now. The clench’s matched to my capability. I’m going to the most complete fatigue to trigger an extreme amount of growth.

So this is like tricking your body into lifting far heavier than you ever could in the gym. And it also works with all different types of exercises.

So, if I wanna do a squat, I can wrap this underneath the ground plate, which comes with it to hook the band to the ground. So I can do a front squat or a split squat.

I can do a curl when this is hooked to the ground plate. Overhead press. Hit every part of the body.

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